Oh what the hell. An announcement I just have to share.

I was going to postpone this until Monday or so, but keeping the secret is driving me mad. To the point where I just can’t seem to blog about anything else. So I’m going to say to hell with fearing bad luck and hello to me sharing some EXCELLENT NEWS. 

People. (And pay attention, because this is a HUGE moment for me.)

Doorways has been accepted for publishing by Etopia Press!!! 

More on this to follow. 

Here’s to 2013!

First off all, have one: 

Overall, 2012 was a zinger of a year, filled with blessing and successes. In fact, I got a substantial amount of this year’s goals done. 
Here’s what I want to do in 2013: 
Continue querying Doorways
Finish the draft to Guardian
Don’t Look Back
(Working Title) Otto
(Working Title) Guardian
Maybe finish the draft sequel to Doorways: Unlocking
Just to read more. I’m going to go easy on myself and aim for 25 books for the whole year. Any genre or classification. Crits not included because I consistently fail to keep count of them. 
Keep working on my voice. 
Get back to guitar lessons. 
REALLY to take French and Italian, since it will be useful to my day job. 
Exercise regularly. This includes activities like gymming, fencing, dancing, yoga or any combination of such activities. 
Eat and cook healthier food. 
Make a point to meet more people with whom I have things in common. Sort of feeling tired of having my real life conversations ending in blank stares. 
I also want to paint more. Maybe even finish an exhibition’s worth of art?
That’s it for me this year. I’m all about simplifying this coming year, so I’m looking forward to seeing how much of it I get done. 
What about you? What do you want to achieve in 2013? 

So it happened again…

It happened again. I’m stopping NaNoWriMo short of winning.


Not because it isn’t working right. It’s just that…

Well… even when I take years to write drafts, I finish my rough drafts…. unfinished.

There are many reasons for this. Mainly, it’s because of the way I write. My process looks like this:

Step 1: Rough draft. Mess around. Meet characters. Find the ones you like. Get a feel for the story. Keep going until the whole idea solidifies in my head.

Step 2: Rewrite. On computer. Creating a plan based on what I learnt during the rough draft. What did I like about the plot? What deserved more attention? Etc. All that gets taken into account. Then I write the whole thing again, remembering the main aspects, but only referring to the story every now and then. Point being to write a better version of the same story.

Step 3: Revisions and edits. Improving the story without markedly changing the plot. Some emphasis shifting can be done.

Step 4: Finishing up. The final polishes before seeing the story as finished.

Of course, these steps are usually subdivided further, but you get the gist.

Point is, I’ve now reached the point in my rough draft where I’ve learnt what I can learn. I’m still 18k away from my NaNoWriMo win, but after futilely trying for three days to churn out words, I realized that anything past the point I’d finished on then would be a waste of my time.

Thus, the title refers to me once again having missed the completion of my rough draft, exactly the same way I did with Doorways. 

Oh well.

Anyone else leave their rough drafts unfinished and focus on rewrites, edits and so on?

And just so you know, I finished a rough draft in 16 days. Which is a tiny fraction of time compared to what it took me to finish the same amount of words for Doorways. Excuse me while I go dance. 😉

I now interrupt regular posting…

Hi all!

Take a look at the about me section at the top.

Yep. I’ve finished the rewrite. Doorways is now officially clocking in at 87 k words.

I DID IT!!! ^_^I’m thrilled by the fact that I’ve come so far, but just thought to share this moment with my blog-friends.

So… To those of you who gave advice when I needed it. Those of you who bolstered my flagging morale with your constant support. To my crit partners.

I would mention names, but I’m afraid that I’d miss some of you, so I’ll do a shout out when I’m a little less keyed up.

In the mean time. To those of you that know who you are.


Love you all lots! X