A-Z Challenge Guide

Wow. Finally here. It felt like it would take forever when I signed up months ago, but the A-Z challenge starts tomorrow.

I must say that the idea of posting six days a week isn’t that intimidating to me. I usually post Monday to Friday, so adding the Saturday in shouldn’t be such a problem. 

For me, the challenge lies in getting to all of the people involved at least once. 

While I’m finishing my rewrite. 

Yep. I really am going to try doing both. 

Scary thought, I know. But… I suspect not impossible. 

All I have to do is try my best to hit 33 blogs a day. Easy, right. 😉

But, this means that I won’t be doing click backs this month as I really won’t have the time. I’m really sorry about this, but I just can’t sacrifice my writing this month. And that’s really what it would mean if I have to go to about fifty blogs or more (I have about 20 comments a day right now). 

I promise I’ll be a good girl and comment back in May. Pinkie swear. 

OK… that’s just the admin end of it. I’m sort of hoping that you are dying to know what I’m going to blogging about… Well then… My theme is:


Writing and Literary Considerations. 

Yep. Nothing all that different, except it won’t be quite as me-orientated. (Say aw.)

But I’ll be giving 25 posts on my view about thoughts and considerations that most of us (fantasy?) writers seem to have. The twenty sixth will be posted by me, but will be written by someone else. On: G-day. So I don’t see it as cheating. 

Also, Drawing map day has been moved to M-day so that I can have more time to do the drawing. 

Finally, (and I will repeat this next week for those who didn’t read this far) if you want a map, but lack any sort of artistic ability, this coming week will be a good time to contact me. More on that tomorrow. 

Who else is doing the A-Z Challenge? What’s your plan to get through it?

To those of you who are, good luck! See you on the other side. 😉

Slow down, girl, you’re going too fast!

Well, I can’t say today’s writing went badly. I wrote almost 3000 words in the end. 

My heart wants to go on, because I am this *pinches index finger to thumb* close to an important event in the story. As in, it should happen in the next scene. 

But, something bad is going on. My heart also wants to rush to the event, brushing past everything that still has to happen before the event can take place. 

So, I’ve let my brain pull the brakes for today. 

Someone once blogged about the fact that the rush was getting to him. That he had to fight the rush in order to let the end of the story do the rest of it justice. 

I have to admit that I used to think that he was over-reacting (if you’re here, guy who wrote about this, I’m sorry), but I’ve started to feel the stirrings. That knowledge that I am the closest I’ve ever been to a real completed novel. 

I say this, because I’m over half way now at 46k words. The Doorways rough draft was only 42k words. 

So, yeah, completing this rewrite is going to be a major accomplishment. And I want to have been there yesterday. 

Because of that, story elements might get lost. Because I will get ideas for subplots that I should add in (i.e. more scenes from Darrion, Gawain and Ward’s view point.) If I leave those scenes for the edits, I’m almost guaranteed to forget them. And they’re important, not so much to only the story, but they set up the next three books. 

So I can’t just leave them alone and rush to the end. After all this time of fighting to keep all the strings in hand, I can’t afford to slack off on them now. I can’t sell out on myself now, when things are picking up and racing to the end. 

I need to keep control over the Beast. 

So… have you ever gotten to the second half of the story and felt the urge to rush to the end? Did you? Did you regret it? Or did you get stuck in the middle? (I hear that’s a common affliction among writers.) How did you get out of it?        

A surprisingly short post where I want to learn more about you.

So… I’ve been thinking.

(No… stop shuddering. It’s not that scary.)

I’ve been sharing a lot of information about myself. My fears, my secrets, my beliefs, my writing experiences, my hobbies (even a little bit about my country.)

But that’s a bit of an issue for me.

Because there’s a whole lot of me and not a lot about you.

So today I’m going to give you ten sentences to complete. You can say anything. I won’t judge. I just want to know. 🙂

Here goes:

1) Love is…
2) I hate it when…
3) I believe…
4) I hope…
5) I fear…
6) I write, because…
7) If I could have one wish…
8) I love…
9) Soon, I am going to…
10) I am very good at…

See? Not too difficult. If you think that your comment is going to be too long or if you’re shy, you can mail it to me. But I think it will be an awesome way for all of us to get to know each other.

Come on then, lay it out there. As much or as little as you want.

Long overdue, but finally here. (Awards Part 3)

Hi all! So sorry that I didn’t post this weekend. Things just went insane when I had to get my new snazzy laptop into shape.

But here I am. Alive, well and on Windows 7 (is squee appropriate?)

I think so. *squee!*

Ok… so I have two awards to go and 21 winners. So, if you’re on the list, feel free to pick either one of the awards to give out.

Just so you know, the order means absolutely nothing. In fact, I was forced by the sheer magnitide of blogs that I follow to do something akin to a random draw… Still, I did pay attention to quality of the writing and presentation.


Blogging With Purpose

Hi all! This is going to be the last installment of our regular GPF until May. There will be one special post. On G day. (Yes. On a Friday.) And the guest will post about something starting with a G. The regular slots will continue in May.

In the mean time, don’t hesitate to contact me to book a slot. If you look to the scroll bar at the right, you’ll see that I’m booked until June. So you better hurry to snap up a slot. My address is mishagericke(AT)gmail(DOT)com.

Well then. I think Beth might be quite familiar to some of you. She was the blogger that brought us Project 52 last year. This year, she moved to wider topics involving writing and the lit world. But let’s rather just read her great tips on how to test the blogging waters (love that cliche), shall we?

Blogging With Purpose

I’ve never done a guest post before so I’m a little nervous. I wanted to do something that I thought would be useful to most everyone and I’ve decided to talk about blogging. I’ll share some about my blogging experience, but mostly I want to talk about how to get the most out of blogging.

Blogging should be fun. That’s the most important part. It’s a great tool to build a writer’s platform, market almost anything you want, and improve your writing but if you don’t find something you enjoy in it, you’ll never stick with it. So what do you blog about? Anything you want to. It’s your space. That’s a simple answer now, but when I started my first blog anything I wanted to seemed massive and confining at the same time. Those first few posts were god awful, horrible. I didn’t know what to write about. I really didn’t have anything to say and I knew I needed to blog. I forced myself to write something. The result was awkward posts that were difficult for me to write and had to be difficult for anyone to read. I like to read, aside from writing it’s my primary hobby. (Adventurous life, I know). So I came up with Project 52. I decided I would review 52 books in 2010, which was great. I had something to blog about. I started with just the reviews and as I got better at blogging realized I could blog whatever. P-52 ended. It was hard to let it go, but I did. I seldom blog book reviews now, but I know how to blog and that it’s okay to say whatever I want.

If you’re in a spot where you don’t know what to blog about just pick something you love and give yourself a project.

The next challenge is usually attracting/maintaining followers. The best way to do this is to get around to other blogs, leave comments that let the blogger know you’re interested in what they had to say and follow. Contests and author interviews are great, but at the end of the day people just want to know that some has heard them. The blogging community is great and the best way to get followers is to be an active part of that community. As a writer, it will only help you in your career anyhow. I’ve met so many fabulous people who have awesome insight on writing, editing, and publishing that I wouldn’t know if not for the blog.

Blogging is a valuable experience and there is so much to be gained from it. So go make the most of it. In fact, quit reading this and go meet a blogger you don’t know right now.

Thanks Beth! Don’t delay, people. Go click over to Beth’s blog to read some more of her posts. 🙂

Will I make it?

So! I think I got something of a surprise just now. 

I was going to write the following:

My writing application, yWriter has a daily word count target tool. It takes the amount of days I have left, the total amount of words I want to have down and the amount of words left to write and calculates how much I have to write every day to get to the target. 

Yes. Like NaNoWriMo. Unlike NaNo, I have to write *checks* 2205 words per day to finish in time. 

Hey wait. 37k. 37 days. 

I checked the tool and realised that for some reason, the date I set as the goal was 10 April. #headdesk# 

But… this is an excellent surprise. 

1012 words a day feels distinctly doable. 

The finish is so close I can taste it. 

Squee! I think I might be able to finish before 30 April. Sorry for those of you who were wondering how this would end. 😉 

I just had to share the joy. 

So. Anyone else got a surprise today, good or otherwise? Any other news? I’m dying to know. 😀

Digging Deeper

I’ve been thinking recently. (Yes, I know. Veeeery refreshing.)

Anyway. My poking at my dark(ish?) side made me realize something about how I write. I do terrible things to my characters. Horrible, twisted things.

I’ve let children die. I’ve made beloved wives cheat on husbands. I’ve mangled characters’ bodies.

But… I don’t delve into my own psyche. I don’t actually go digging around in my own fears and insecurities when I’m writing.

I guess I’ve spent so much of my life building walls to hide the weak spots that I forget that they’re there. It’s a long story as to why, but I’ve made a habit of acknowledging my faults and fears without exploring them.

I know where and what they are, but I don’t go into the whys and how it feels. Instead. I build around and over. I camouflage and distract. I poke at them from a distance.

Fact is, I hate being afraid.

So much so that I made myself forget how.

Maybe that’s why I took to doing things that scare me. Yes, it always feels like such an achievement to beat the fear. But now that I think about it, that feeling of fear is something invigorating that I don’t experience often.

I just push it down too far.

But not today. As it turns out, one of my characters has some back story that gives him a phobia that I have. It also happened that he would be forced into a situation that would be his worst nightmare. As I wrote the scene, I remembered my own terror. My heart went beating at a dull thud as I described a part of me that I hide from myself.

It hurt a little. It drained me completely. And I think it was worth it. But I’ll have to see. Other readers might not see quite as much as I did. So odds are that I’ll have to go there again…

Do you ever go delve those deep places to come up with something to write? Am I perhaps the only one that doesn’t write from there?

Finally got there…

So, I know that I promised to pass on the awards today, but then I realized that picking the links will be a little difficult. Because of this, I’ll have to use a bit more of a system. Part 3 of the Awards will either go up on Thursday or Saturday.

In the mean time, I want to draw your attention to the About Me section. Noticed anything different?

Yep. Half way. I hit 40k words yesterday! *Squee* It felt like it took me forever to get there. I definitely want to celebrate, but I can’t figure out how yet. Suggestions would be appreciated. ^_^

Then… Tonight, I got picked for my first Solo. (Or should I say Sohigh?) I’m so excited. This will be a great chance for me to push my limits and see where my voice can go. Especially because I now reach notes that most of my choir-mates strain for without even putting in an effort. I’m now going to start with more formal classes and see where that will take me.

So how’s your writing going? Any other good news?

Awards (Part 2): A tour of the Dark Side

Hi all! Today, I’m finally getting around to handing out awards.
So… I have this award:

And this award x2:

So… now I have to state twenty-one things about me, which can be difficult since I tend to throw in some personal stuff at least once or twice a week. But let’s see what I can come up with. I decided to go with the darker, weirder, quirkier parts of who I am, because I ran out of light and fluffy yesterday.

1) I can’t seem to think straight if there isn’t some sort of sound to listen to.
2) Because of this, second worst torture would be to lock me into solitary confinement and keeping everything quiet.
3) Worst torture to my mind would be Chinese Water Torture.
4) Worst way to die: drowning.
5) Because I nearly drowned twice in one day.
6) When I was young, I was so afraid of heights that I couldn’t stand on a chair.
7) I have to take deep breaths and look away when I am injected or if my blood is drawn.
8) I actually have a deep disgust with people who ask me: “So tell me about yourself.” I cannot be summarized.
9) I don’t put books down that I started to read. Ever.
10) I warn people not to mess me around.
11) Three times.
12) The fourth time they’re that stupid… Let’s just say Darth Vader has nothing on me when it comes to efficiently destroying planets.
13) I would rather learn a new martial art before I take ballet or any conventionally girly sports.
14) But I do enjoy ballroom.
15) I like people as a rule. I just don’t like idiots and arrogant fools.
16) I am one of those people that think of something cutting at the snap of a finger when in arguments.
17) I have a deep abiding hatred of hypocrites. Especially those connected to churches and religions.
18) I HATE peas and beans.
19) I live according to a very well defined set of rules that I created for myself when interacting with other people. There are certain lines I don’t cross, because I know that I can end up in some very dark places if I took the first step over.
20) I like my humor like I like my chocolate: dark and bitter.
21) I’m neither a glass-half-empty nor a glass-half-full kind of person. I’m a glass-is-twice-as-large-as-was-necessary kind of person.

So yeah. That was a quick tour of my dark side. I will get around to the awards tomorrow. What about you? Have you as a writer explored your own personality? Have you ever let someone else see those parts that you explore? Do you think I’m insane to share these things?

Some thoughts I had after finishing the Hunger Games trilogy

Hi all! I know I promised to do my rewards this week, but I don’t really feel like writing something lighthearted right now. So I promise I’ll send out the awards this week.

Also, thanks Talei, for the Stylish Blogger Award!

This Friday, I got the a hardcover box set of the Hunting Games. I finished reading Mockingjay at 00:30 this morning. I loved it. Really I did.

You know what I love most about it?

The characters are still haunting me. That terrible sadness of so many unnecessary lives lost, is living and breathing in my heart.

And that’s interesting, because the only characters that are really explored in any sort of depth are Katniss, Peeta and Gale. The others, we get to know through the tidbits we get in their words and the feelings that Katniss has of them.

And yet, when those characters died, it felt like someone was tearing at me.

Which made me think, sometimes, characters don’t always have to be open fonts of information for me to love them.

On the contrary, I think the reason why those deaths are so terrible is because I had this feeling that they had potential to become so much more than they were to me.

And the fact is, in Mockingjay, I missed them.

I still do.

What do you think of the way that Suzanne Collins got us involved with her characters?