A Call for Help for the Cyclone Idai Victims

It’s the last Friday of March and so the first quarter of the year bites the dust. But other than that, it also means that it’s time for another Got Goals? Bloghop Update Day. For those of you wondering what the bloghop is about: A bunch of us have set some crazy/super important goals, and Update Day is about sharing how we did.

The nice thing about doing this is the sense of accountability it gives. So if you would like to join in, just follow the instructions here.

But… Although I wanted to talk about some important changes that happened in my life, I just really can’t get into the zone of talking myself when there’s something massive going on right next door, so to speak. I tried doing it, but I just can’t. It doesn’t feel right, so I’ll talk about all these things into the new month.

Cyclone Idai

Two weeks ago, a cyclone (which is the same a a hurricane) swept over three countries (Malawi, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe) just as it reached its peak intensity, and basically leveled everything in its path. This Guardian article describes the result as “apocalyptic”, and the writer isn’t wrong. Hundreds of people have died, and many are missing. Over a hundred thousand people are living in refugee camps because they lost everything. Over 2.5 million people are in need of aid. And the roads are so damaged that a lot of people can’t even be reached. And now cholera has broken out in Mozambique.

So if you can help at all, please do. I’m linking up to three outreach programs I know of for those of you who want to donate. I’m not affiliated with any of these, and maybe there are other places that you know of that you prefer to be involved with. Or if you can’t help financially, please spread the word.

Doctors Without Borders

Project Idai

The UN Refugee Agency

4 thoughts on “A Call for Help for the Cyclone Idai Victims

    1. Yeah. The sad thing about this is that the countries that got hit are some of the most exposed to global warming, but the least responsible for it.

  1. What’s horrifying most to me is I hadn’t heard a single thing about this until now. 😦

    I spent over a month in Zimbabwe and love that country so much. I’m also very fond of a former student who hails from Malawi. I don’t have much right now, but I’ll do what I can. I wish sharing actually worked these days, but everyone appears to ignore these kinds of posts now. I recently shared the one about Damyanti’s cause and got next to no response.

    1. Yeah it’s almost radio silence outside of Southern Africa about it. I mean obviously foreign press outlets mentioned it, but it’s like it’s gotten lost in a haze somehow.

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