Use these 5 Rock Star Headline Ideas when you begin your Blog

The average reader only gets past the headline of an article or blog post 20% of the time. Mediocre headlines doom a blog to failure, even when coupled with amazing content. However, there are ways to change that! These tips will help you write blog titles that will get people to read your posts. 

The most important thing when it comes to blog headlines is to get the reader’s attention. Titles like these will are interesting, and compel people to find out what important tidbits are included. 

·         9 Best Practices for Bloggers

·         Do More Writing in Less Time

·         Secrets to Making Fistfuls of Cash

·         Instant Fixes for Boring Blog Posts

Can you see how these headlines offer something of value to a blogger, and would compel them to read the post? When people see what’s in it for them (WIIFM) they stop and take notice. Your job then, as a writer, is to tell them why they MUST read your post.


Contradict something that most people believe to be true. Readers will be curious to read the post and find out why you would say something that is the polar opposite of common knowledge.

·         You Do Not Want to Vacation in Florida  

·         Blogging Today: Why Content Writing is Dead

·         Big Banks say that Main Street Caused the Recession

Would you be interested in reading those posts and finding out what they had to say? I sure would.

Bare your soul:

By humanizing yourself with a confession or telling a secret, you make yourself more likable and friendly. Readers will feel they are among friends, and will respond accordingly, with honest feedback and comments. 

·         I have a Confession to Make; Writing does NOT Come Easy to Me

·         Three Things Even Top Bloggers Struggle With

·         Psst! Inside Secrets to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Blog



People discuss everything on social media these days, from how to discipline children to helping their husband with erectile dysfunction. Pay attention to main themes people are talking about, and capitalize on it.

·         Does Self-Publishing make it More Difficult for Writers?

·         What will happen if SOPA or PIPA pass in Washington?

·         Is Blogging and Social Media Participation Optional for Companies Today?


Make a Promise

Letting your readers know that you will answer a tough problem or question for them in your post will draw them in. Leave a little mystery, and keep them guessing.

·         I have Got Some Awesome Ideas…

·         2012 is going to be the Best Year Ever!

·         Why only 10% of Blogs are Successful


Make them Take Sides

Point out differences without taking sides yourself, and just wait for the discussion that ensues.

·         Republican Tax Cuts; Extra Cash for their Bank Accounts or Job Creation Tool?

·         “RoundUp” Posts: Valuable Information for Your Readers, or Lazy Way to Get out of Writing?

·         Traditional vs. Self Publishing: Which Way is Best?


Though this is not an exhaustive list of how to build the best titles, I think it will give you a few ideas of your own. What is the best blog title you ever wrote? How did it affect the number of comments your post got? Did it create any discussion on your blog?


Denise Gabbard is a Writer and Blogger. She writes the blog Write and Get Paid, and is currently completing her book “How to Write and Get Paid.” With a focus on internet and digital media, it will be a comprehensive manual for new and experienced writers.

Thanks so much, Denise! I’m definitely going to use your pointers for my headlines from now on.

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Have a great weekend!