A to Z Challenge: Nose to the Grindstone

Warning: Although I didn’t intend it this way, today’s post might be a bit ranty. 

As a veteran novelist, I should know better than to discuss writing with the general public. But you see, I know that writing is a wonderful activity, full of healing and, well, let’s face it, a lot cheaper than prozac. So whenever I get a chance, I mention writing. 

But of course, that opens me up to critics and… well… this other breed of people. The ones where I have to unmake the decision to take them out. 
You’ve probably heard them too. “Oh I have an amazing idea. OMG!!! You can write it! I’ll give you a share of the profits!!!” *cringe* “I also want to write, but I just never have the time.” (Because all those series they just have to watch takes up everything they have left.) *snarl* “I write too, but… I don’t know… haven’t touched it in a while.” (Or years.)
My inner response is usually: ARE YOU SERIOUS?! My outer one tends to be something like: Oh… that’s nice… bye. 
Because (except in some cases the third type) those people are pretenders. They like to pretend that they are or will be writers. But they’re not. 
The only way to be a writer is to write. Or when you’re not writing, to be seriously thinking about plots and character etc. And yes, this may be harsh, but when you spend all your time on only thinking about writing without truly intending to get any of it written down, you’re a fake. 
The only way you’ll ever going to finish a book, or even a story is by sitting down and… you guessed it. Writing. No one else will do it for you. You’ll need to make time for it. Even if it means that you have to sacrifice T.V. time. Ah… I can hear the wails now. And if you have a story that doesn’t draw you and you’re really a writer, why aren’t you working on another project? 
Writers aren’t people who look for excuses not to write (except when they’re procrastinating, of course). They make writing a priority. Right after God and Family, most of the time. They’re the ones who’ll make it in the writing world. Basically because they applied the one writing rule to their lives. 
Anyone else get annoyed with pretenders? Especially those who try to turn you into a ghost writer?