Guest Post Friday: Madeleine Maddocks

Hi all! Today I welcome Madeleine Maddocks to My First Book as the first GPF guest. Her blog is always one where I stop whenever I need inspiration for poetry and prose, but she also has some other great tips to inspire writers. Thanks so much for being my first brave soul, Madeleine.

My thanks to Misha for letting me post on her blog today.
My subject is very apt for January: Beginning.
For Flash Fiction, Haiku and Blogfests I enjoy the picture and word prompts that blog hosts provide. For me it creates a challenge / a beginning from which my own writing can mature and grow. Having created my blog in Aug 2010 I feel that it has certainly been a great start for allowing me to gain feedback and practice in these different genres.

What creates that initial spark that leads you to put pen to paper?

Is it always the same way each time?
Or do you use different stimuli to find your material?

Thanks again, Madeleine! For those of you who still want to sign up, January’s full, but the rest of the year is mostly open. Please see here for details.