Guest Post Friday: Madeleine Maddocks

Hi all! Today I welcome Madeleine Maddocks to My First Book as the first GPF guest. Her blog is always one where I stop whenever I need inspiration for poetry and prose, but she also has some other great tips to inspire writers. Thanks so much for being my first brave soul, Madeleine.

My thanks to Misha for letting me post on her blog today.
My subject is very apt for January: Beginning.
For Flash Fiction, Haiku and Blogfests I enjoy the picture and word prompts that blog hosts provide. For me it creates a challenge / a beginning from which my own writing can mature and grow. Having created my blog in Aug 2010 I feel that it has certainly been a great start for allowing me to gain feedback and practice in these different genres.

What creates that initial spark that leads you to put pen to paper?

Is it always the same way each time?
Or do you use different stimuli to find your material?

Thanks again, Madeleine! For those of you who still want to sign up, January’s full, but the rest of the year is mostly open. Please see here for details.

29 thoughts on “Guest Post Friday: Madeleine Maddocks

  1. Like you, I can get inspired by the strangest things. I have a post today about how I found the opening scene of my current WIP. News stories and articles are a great source for story ideas too. I keep a file of the ones that have story potential.

  2. I get inspired by different things. Most recently, a documentary with undercover footage of a cattle slaughterhouse. It was horrifying–and four weeks later I'd written a book set in a similar place. Funny how that happens–you never know where inspiration will come from. Great post!

  3. Hi Misha and everyone. Google has deleted my blog and gmail address and I've lost everything. I cannot even contact google to notify them because when i fill in the link it comes back that sorry they can't help me. Arrgh! What can I do?

  4. Rachna, yes ideas popping into the brain shows you are relaxed and feeling creative.

    Michael, songs are interesting, I was inspired to use the shadow of a man I used to know when writing about my dad's alzheimer's. Pictures, yes i have used picture prompts too.

    BTW I got my google and blog back. Hoorah!

  5. Hi Madeleine! Wonderful thoughts! Thank you for sharing them with us 😀 I get inspired EVERYWHERE!! Usually it's a piece of music or a snippet from a story I'm reading. Something moves me emotionally and off I go! I'm also inspired by my writing class projects and mythology. See? Everywhere!

    Misha: Great interview! Thanks for being another place I get inspiration 😀


  6. If I run out of ideas for my blog I go on the internet and sometimes find something interesting. I'm reading a good book right now and he wrote something about his father being a perfectionist and I've decided to blog about that.

  7. I love that there are so many ways to get inspiration! My latest WIP came from the title of a Fugazi song, but this is unusual. I normally get characters stuck in my head before a story develops. I know that sounds a little backwards, but somehow it works for me 😉

  8. LOve your inspirations. Mine? I'm no sure. I'll have a kernel of inspiration and something inside my brain makes it pop. Hopefully, in the end I'll have a full bowl of a story.

  9. I like how you found your inspiration, Madeleine. I hope we get to read your stories soon. They really intrigue me.

    I take inspiration from everywhere, too. Getting out and doing something different usually provides great fodder. Many conversations with people have sparked story ideas for me.

  10. I have found that inspiration anywhere and everywhere, but beginning my actual novel may not happen for a few days, unless the writing muse is a beast that day and demands immediate attention to the story idea.

  11. Any little thing can spark my imagination. My problem is more in paying attention to real life, I'm always in a dream world creating characters and settings. 🙂

  12. Hey Madeleine and Misha,
    Wow, really neat to see your good and talented self over at Misha's thoughtful and informative blog.
    Madeleine, the most mundane, the most quotidian subjects can make me put pen to paper. If I can make what may seem like a boring subject, interesting, even fascinating, than that's one heck of a good result. Maybe someday I will write something that's worth reading.
    May you both take very good care, Gary 🙂

  13. I'm not overly conscious of where my ideas come from. I think it's snippets of things I hear and news stories I read, but before I know it, the idea is there and growing. I let it grow for a while in my head and then start writing. It's really great to hear how different writers work. It's such a diverse world.

  14. Hmm… I'm inspired a lot by people, whether it's people I know or strangers around me. I love people-watching, or just quietly observing my acquaintances. Many of my characters are based on real people (and I tend to start my planning with characters first, then plot.)

    This was a nice guest post! Thank you, Madeleine and Misha. 🙂

  15. Thanks Shelley and Deniz.
    Yes real people are great resources for ideas too.
    Lines from books and films are good too. A feeling? Now that's an interesting one.
    I'm having trouble logging into Misha's site using my other login at the moment.

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