Dare to Dream–Even if it Means Writing a Musical

Hello all! Welcome to a new installment of GPF. Today, I have the honor of introducing you to Crystal, who is currently working very hard to get Immortal: The Musical on the boards. But I’m not going to say much more. All I’ll say is go check it out. The music is awesome. Take it away, Crystal!

Dare to Dream–Even if it Means Writing a Musical

Thank you for this opportunity Misha–and congrats on finishing your rewrite! 

When you’re young people tell you to dream big and reach high. One of those people for me was David Buckner who wanted to “own hotels”. He’s now a successful business advisor and professor at Columbia University who did end up owning hotels. He shared his story with me at the impressionable age of 15, emphasizing just one phrase: “Dare to Dream”. 

The idea remained so solidly that seven years later, when I woke from a literal dream, I ran to my piano (keyboard) and started plucking out the song which has changed my life. 

Dreams are tentative things. They take thought, effort, and even a few failures before they’re realized. Hard work and “belief” (as Shepherd Book of the Firefly series put it) is what makes our dreams a reality. You have to “believe hard”. To quote Wesley from Princess Bride, “Anyone who says differently is selling something.” 

(I LOVE Wesley.)

So this is my 8 year (and counting) dream:

After three centuries of bloodthirsty silence, Lucas has found hope. If he’s capable of love, is he capable of redemption? And will the hunter, her uncle, kill him before he has the chance to discover?

Immortal the Musical

For anyone who can catch the “vision”, the website is a rough representation with music recorded in the very early stages of development. It has recently entered into the negotiation stages of production on a new concept CD, including work shopping and staging. We hope to hold a concert series in the upcoming year as well as piloting a TV reality show, 365 Days to Broadway. 
Dare to dream, because dreams can become reality, but not without extreme ups and downs and an unwaivering belief. 

What is your dream? 

Thanks so much for this post, Crystal, I think everyone needs a reminder that they need to keep dreaming. 

One more thing to add. If you are interested in booking a GPF slot,  feel free to contact me. The available dates and my e-mail address is posted on the scroll bar.