Update Day and Where Else You Can Find Me

Hi everyone! Today’s Update Day for my Big Dreams Bloghop, so today I’ll be letting everyone know how I’ve done in July.
Before I start, though:
Today I’m also visiting Shah Wharton, giving some more reasons why I decided to self publish. Then, Nick Wilford posted an awesome review of The Vanished Knight, so if you’re wondering if you should buy it, you might want to check it out. 
Okay with that said, let’s take a look-see at July and what I want to do in August.
My Goals for July: 
1) If my submissions aren’t done by the end of the June, I want them done by end of the first week of July. 
Done, and today, both books have gone live.
2) Ditto for review copies being sent out. 
3) As soon the two above are done, I want to work on something new. Preferably a rough draft. I might join CampNano, but I’ll see toward the end of June.
This I didn’t get to, but I’m now in a place where I can get started.
4) Edit my short story for my Untethered Realms Anthology.
1) Finish the book I’d started. 
2) Read other books. Not giving myself a goal as to how many, because I know things are going to go nuts once my books are published. 
Read one other book and started another.
Social Media: 
1) Send out all materials and guest posts etc for my blog tour. 
2) Maintain my web presence as far as humanly possible. 
1) That Europe trip is still in the pipeline, but will possibly happen in July. I want to get all necessary things done before my plane takes off from Cape Town. 
Still didn’t happen, but that’s okay. It would have been too much on my plate, I think.
2) I want to recover from the publishing pressure by doing some other arts/crafts.
I got quite a bit of crocheting done.
3) Continue to grow my business.
So overall, I think I did great! Although I didn’t get a lot of fiction writing finished, I actually achieved all but one of my other goals.
This month is going to be a lot calmer, though, so I think I can ramp up my goal setting again.
My goals for August:
1) Write 15k words.
2) Finish the rewrite to O1.
3) Edit BvB1
4) Edit ES1
5) Edit Untethered Realms Short Story
6) Tie up any remaining loose ends to The Vanished Knight and The Heir’s Choice. (Which includes publishing the paperback versions.)
7) Prep for rewrite to VD
8) Work on concept to P.
Writing-wise, my month should look something like this:

1) Read six books.
2) One of which must be Shakespeare.
3) And another must be in French.
4) Read for an average of fifteen minutes per day. (Which mean I can read for an hour on one day and then skip three, if needs be.)
Social media:
1) Continue with my regular blogging schedule.
2) Regular Tumblr and Wattpad posts.
3) Start catching up on Wattpad Critiques
4) More regular presence on Twitter and Google Plus.
1) Continue to grow my business.
2) Get some crafty stuff done.
3) Start a painting/drawing.

Okay! That’s it for me. How did you do in July? Any goals for August?