WARNING!!! Virus Threat

Good thing I’ve taken to updating my blog roll. I stumbled across this post on Deborah Walker’s Bibliography:

Virus Warning

Now you guys, I’m sure you’re smarter than me. But if you do notice a big spike in your blogger stats, 50 hits a day from someone you follow, don’t go and check them out. Otherwise — kerplammy– you’ll might get  virus fever just like me.
I’ve nicked Chris’ computer to write this, and the lovely people at Dell are trying to sort me out, but I’m still a little feverish.

I don’t know where the virus came from, I can’t blame Blogger. But there’s some funny business going on.  

I cannot say for sure if this is the case. 

BUT I am well aware that my blog stats has spiked AND that it has made other people spike as well. 

I would feel terrible if my blog causes the loss of data, information and money to my friends. So please, as a personal favor, I am BEGGING you to update your antivirus software right now and do a scan. 


I also want to ask you to please spread the word in case the threat is real.