Insecure Writer’s Support Group

For those of you who are new to this blogging thing, the Insecure Writer’s Support Group is a group (no kidding!) of writers (yes, really!) who share their insecurities on the first Wednesday of the month. The idea is to visit each other and leave encouragements, and also to feel better when we realize we’re not alone in our doubts and fears.

Anyone is welcome to join, so if you’d like more information, please click here.

So what am I insecure about? Well…. Lots.

See, in October last year already, I had this genius idea to push myself to be more productive. It was a good idea. It still is a good idea. In theory.

In theory, I shouldn’t have any problems of devoting about two hours per day on editing or writing. The idea is to write 60k words or edit for 60 hours every month (or some combination of the two.)

The thing is, this should have been easy, since I’ve just come off my lovely, month-long writing break.


It’s so hot here that I can barely sit in my room (it’s been 40degC almost every day for the past week, and it will remain this way until next Tuesday). Which means that even if I have a quiet moment to sit and write in, my brain is feeling like someone soaked some cotton in boiling water before stuffing it into my head.

On top of that, I haven’t been without visitors since Christmas. Which means that now my writing time is curtailed. And WHILE my cousin and her boyfriend is visiting, I have to go on a business trip that’ll take up all hours of my day from tomorrow (this is Monday. Yes, I have now resorted to scheduling posts.) until Friday. So my life is pretty much double booked at the moment. Triple booked if you count the pool time I’m taking to… you know, not die of the heat.

As if that’s not more than enough, I’m worrying about one of my cats, because he went off on the day after my birthday (29 December) and as of this writing (4 January, almost midnight), he still hasn’t returned.

Then, there’s just this… realization of the scope of what I’m trying to do with my writing goal. Not only do I want to meet and beat the NaNoWriMo goal by 10k words, I want to do it every month. It’s a HUGE undertaking. Especially when I’m struggling to find time.

So yeah… if you pray, please do me a favor and ask that my cat finds his way home safely. In the  meantime, I’ll be here, trying to juggle my writing goals with my insane life.

What about you? Set any huge goals that you’re wondering about now? What has you feeling insecure this month? 

Before you go, I’m looking for news items and guest bloggers starting next week, so if you’re interested, please click here for more information.