Doing something different today…

I haven’t gotten round to anything writing related today.

It all started last night. My told me this morning that I’ve been talking in my sleep. When I asked her what I said, she said she didn’t know, because I was babbling in French.

Now, I haven’t babbled anything in French for about four years, so I took that as a sign that my mind wanted to pick up the language again.

Which I am now doing with wild abandon.

I found a great website where I can learn phrases for free and communicate with first language speakers. I also bowed to peer pressure (both my mom and my best friend are learning Italian) and took a second language as well.

So far, I’m finding it so refreshing that I decided to take the day off from writing and revisions just so that I can give my mind another kind of exercise. And let me tell you, my brain would have clapped its hands if it had them.


If you’re interested in joining up, click here. My profile name is MishaG, if you want to friend me there.

Have you ever tried different languages when on a writing break? Which languages would you love to learn?