Last Stop!

Hey all!

Phew! Today, I’m at the last stop for my official Endless blog tour. See? I told you there would be an end.

Today, I’ll be discussing challenges of being an author based in South Africa over at Terry’s blog.

Thanks so much for everyone who’ve been supporting me for the whole month, from the commenters to the blog tour hosts. You can’t imagine how much I’ve appreciated every single one of you.


Out visiting…


Almost made it! Tomorrow is the end of my official blog tour (although you’ll probably see me popping up all over the place every now and then anyway.)

Today, I’m visiting  T.F. Walsh, writing about where my inspiration comes from.

See you there!


Update Day: May Day! May Day!

Hey all! Today is the last Friday of the month, which means that it’s Update Day! But before I get into that, I just wanted to mention that one of the main characters from Endless, Ryan, is over at Libby Heily’sblog, getting interviewed.

So, for those of you who are new to this blog, Beth Fred and I host this bloghop. All the entrants share their big/crazy/crazy important goals. Then on the last Friday of the month, we all get together and share updates and encouragements.
You’re more than welcome to sign up. Just fill in your goal instead of your name…

I have to admit that May was actually a bit of a terror for me. Within the first week of its start, I got hit with levels of anxiety that I haven’t experienced since the day I finished university. (In other words, it had even me worried.) Interestingly enough, the stress had slowly been receding, but I guess the exhaustion I’d been powering through caught up with me.
Add to that my blog tour and the surprise news that I might suddenly be without a job next month…
Yeah. May sucked. I’m glad it’s over.
But the thing is I changed my priorities from my goals to survival and then recovery. So… overall, I didn’t get much done.
In summary:
Goals for May:

1) 60k words written, 60 hours spent on edits or some combination.
Just over 22 hours on edits.
2) Find Crit Partners for Wo6C3. Any takers? It’s book 3 in The War of Six Crowns…
I didn’t get to this, because I took ages just to finish my round of edits.
3) Wo6C3 rough edits.
Got this one done.
4) Edit ES1.
Didn’t touch ES1 itself, but I’ve slowly been immersing myself in research, movies, books etc set more or less in that era so that I can get more of a feeling for the “world” of 1850s Texas.
5) Prep BvB2 rewrite.
Didn’t get there.
6) Finish Revisions to O1.
Didn’t get there.
7) Rewrite SS1. (Yep. This one’ll be sticking around for a while, I suspect.)
I was completely correct.
8) Add 10k words to StW1.
Didn’t write a single word of fiction this month.
9) Work on CdW concept.
10) Start Sci Fi project. (Acronym still forthcoming.)
11) Edit Untethered Realms Anthology short story.
I only got the editor notes back a few days ago, so I’ll get to this one in the coming month.
Read 6 books.
I read four.
Read some chapters of Les Trois Mousquetaires.
This wasn’t one of them.
Networking and Marketing:
1) Get through blog tour for Endless.
Almost there. Only two more posts to go.
2) Regular updates to social networks.
This I can sorta call done, but I have to say, my whole anxiety experience is making me re-think my approach to social networks. Namely: I’m wasting precious time with most of them.
1) Find and maintain a balance between work, writing and life.
Kind of getting there, although the feeling like I had more balance *might* have been caused by circumstances more than any active decision on my part.
2) Find an exercise that I actually can do without the weather getting in the way. Balance is one thing. But let me just say that jogging just won’t happen if it’s cold and raining, and the wind blows hard enough to topple a link truck.
Done. I’m going to start dancing again, starting on Monday.
Goals for June:
Writing Goals:

 1) 60 000 words written, 60 hours of edits or some combination of those.
2) Find and submit to Critique Partners for Wo6C3
3) Critique works by critique partners.
4) Edit ES1
5) Prep rewrite for BvB2.
6) Complete revisions to O1
7) Add 10000 words to StW1
8) Work on CdW concept
9) Start Sci Fi Project. (Still thinking about an suitable acronym.)
10) Work on concept for a new story that came to me while I rested.
11) Edit my Untethered Realms anthology story.
Read 6 books.
Read some chapters of Les Trois Mousquetaires.
Networking and Marketing:
Rethink Social Network Strategy
Regular updates to at least some of the social networks.
Confirm new covers for Wo6C series.
Maintain balance between life, writing and work.
Go to dancing classes once a week.
Get into the habit of eating more frequent, smaller meals. (Stress and an ulcer don’t mix, so I have to help where I can.)
How are your goals coming along?

Thursday Feature: Lori MacLaughlin

Hey everyone! Today I want to welcome Lori MacLaughlin to The Five Year Project. Today, she’s sharing info on how to get your self-published book into libraries. Take it away, Lori!

Is Your Self-Published Book in the Library?

Thanks so much, Misha, for having me over today!!
Libraries are a largely untapped market in the self-publishing world. It’s not easy to get self-pubbed books into them. The sheer volume of books hitting the marketplace, limited shelf space, and the stigma that still surrounds self-pubbed books are just some of the barriers to library inclusion. Lack of library cataloging data is another.
I started doing research on how to break into the library market. Most of the articles I read described similar courses of action. These were some of the most important things that the articles recommended:
1.      Put out a quality product that has been professionally edited and has a professionally designed cover. Buy an ISBN for it.
2.      Create a website and social media presence to publicize your book. Libraries will be more likely to take a chance on your book if it looks like there will be demand for it.
3.      Get honest positive reviews for your book for the same reason. If you can get one from Kirkus, Publishers Weekly, or the Library Journal, they’ll definitely take notice.
4.      Provide library cataloguing data. This makes the librarians’ jobs so much easier. Books published through Amazon’s Createspace have the opportunity to obtain Library of Congress (LOC) Cataloging Numbers (LCCNs). Books self-published through other means may be eligible for LOC Preassigned Control Numbers (PCNs). Any cataloguing done through the LOC must be done before the book is published. Once it is published it is no longer eligible for LOC cataloguing.
5.      Visit local libraries and meet with the person responsible for acquiring books. Offer to donate your book to get your foot in the door. Do some local media promotion to get people into the library to read your book.
Here are some informational links that I found useful:
I think tackling the library market is well worth the effort. Has anyone else out there had any success with this?

About the Book:

Tara Triannon is no stranger to trouble. She’s yet to find an enemy her skill with a sword couldn’t dispatch. But how can she fight one that attacks through her dreams?
With her nightmares worsening, Tara seeks answers but finds only more questions. Then her sister, Laraina, reveals a stunning secret that forces Tara to go to the one place Tara’s sworn never to return to. Her troubles multiply when Jovan Trevillion, the secretive soldier of fortune who stole her heart, is mentally tortured by an ancient Being intent on bending him to its will. And worst of all, the Butcher — the terrifying wolf-like assassin she thought she’d killed — survived their duel and is hunting her again.
Hounded by enemies, Tara sets out on a harrowing quest to discover the true nature of who she is, to come to grips with the new volatility of her magic, and to defeat the evil locked in a centuries-old trap that will stop at nothing to control her magic and escape through her nightmares.
Amazon  |  Barnes& Noble  |  Kobo  |  iBooks

About the Author:

Lori L. MacLaughlin traces her love of fantasy adventure to Tolkien and Terry Brooks, finding The Lord of the Rings and The Sword of Shannara particularly inspirational. She’s been writing stories in her head since she was old enough to run wild through the forests on the farm on which she grew up.
She has been many things over the years – tree climber, dairy farmer, clothing salesperson, kids’ shoe fitter, retail manager, medical transcriptionist, journalist, private pilot, traveler, wife and mother, Red Sox and New York Giants fan, muscle car enthusiast and NASCAR fan, and a lover of all things Scottish and Irish.
When she’s not writing (or working), she can be found curled up somewhere dreaming up more story ideas, taking long walks in the countryside, or spending time with her kids. She lives with her family in northern Vermont.
You can find her here: