And now, kittens!

Hey all! As you might have read on Friday, my publishing house surprised me to let me know that my book is coming out October 4th. There’s still a boatload of stuff that still needs to be confirmed, which means I am trying very hard not to freak out. *reaches for paper bag*

In the meantime, I want to ask that if you can help me get the word out in any way, and haven’t let me know yet, please go to this post. I’ll be most grateful!

So in the interest of not freaking out, I’m going to not think of my book for the rest of the afternoon. (Out of my hands now…) Instead, I’m giving in to popular demand.

Two things:

1) I know the pictures are sort of squiffy. That’s because my camera was just barely fast enough to catch them in hyper mode. The alternative would have been to take pictures of them sleeping. Seriously, they’re like four year olds on too much sugar.

2) The names are as yet unconfirmed. See, they’re still small, so it’s tricky to figure out who’s male and who’s female. I’ll confirm when they go for their first vaccines.

Okay… I present to you…






The Vanished Knight is out next week. HEEEEEEEELP!!!

Yeah… The time has come, ladies and gentlemen! I have a release date, and it’s much sooner than I expected.

In fact, I’d like to launch The Vanished Knight by 15 October (projected release is 4 October).

For me to make a bit of a splash, I need your help. I know this is super short notice, but I literally found out thirty minutes ago. The delay between finding out and posting this was caused by me picking myself up from the floor.

Because I know that your schedules are super full, I’m doing it this way: I’m letting you decide when you’d like to do the post. If you can help at all, please let me know in the comments:

What you’d like to do. I’ll do: guest posts, author interviews and character interviews. You can also request an e-copy of my book for reviews, or simply my cover and/or blurb to post it on your blog.

When you’d like to do it. Anything from 15 October to 31 January works for me.

Contact details. I need to be able to contact you.

Thanks in advance to everyone who’ll help!

Do You Have a Dream? Update

Hey all! Still as rushed as before, but since it would suck if I missed my own bloghop, I thought I’d give a quick update on my Five-Year-Project activities.
First bit of excellent news is that my ITIN arrived. So at least I know I’ll be able to publish.
Then, I’ve received the draft of The Vanished Knight’s cover. Can’t share yet, but it’s awesome. Can’t wait to show you all.
I’ve also received the first round of copyedits. Will be Iaunching into them this weekend. In the meantime, I’m steaIing snippets of time to finish Birds vs Bastards by Friday. Only two scenes left.
Next month, I’ll be back to editing TVK. I’ll be drafting in my down-time, but I haven’t decided which WiPs to work on.
That’s it for now. Who else has news to share?

Want to sign up? Click here.

You might have noticed that I’ve been scarce…

Yeah, I haven’t been around for the past few days. Things have been a bit hectic, with me suddenly having to care for five kittens (photos are forthcoming). On top of that, I have guest visiting as well, and work which has become a lot less fun today.

As always, I won’t be expanding on the work situation, because I really don’t think you’d want to hear me bitch about the magical disappearance of over nineteen forty foot containers of oranges. But then, I might turn it into an escapist story about the world’s greatest magician to grace an export office.


Besides this, my 30 September deadline for me to finish the Birds vs Bastards rewrites looms closer and I’m a bit behind…

So. This means that I’ll be scarce for a few more days, but I promise to visit and follow all my Follow Fest co-entrants by this time next week, and then I’ll be a lot more faithful to my usual blog visits

Okay. That’s what’s going on at my end.

I do, however, have a real post today, at Untethered Realms. It’s about how I (and I suspect most other writers) want our books to be read. I’d love it if you checked it out! X

Follow Fest

Hey all! Sorry for the delay. Have kittens in the house and I’m a bit busy taking care of them. Here are my answers, though…

Name:  Misha

Fiction or nonfiction?
Fiction all the way.

What genres do you write?
At the moment, I’m writing or have written epic fantasy, urban fantasy, sci fi, historical fiction, YA and Adult. 

Are you published?
My YA Epic Fantasy will be published in the near future. 

Where can people connect with you?
My Writing Blog (see to your right for various following options)


Alex J Cavanaugh Taking the World by Storm

Hey all! Yep, you guessed it, I’m part of the ninja conspiracy to have Alex take over the bloggosphere. 

Comment on Alex’s blog this week for a chance to win a Cassa mug, mousepad, magnet, and swag!
Me: So… What’s next?
Alex: Retirement? I’m not sure. I have an idea for another book, but just not in a place to write it now. My music has taken over so much of my life and I’m not sure there is room for writing anymore. Regardless, I’ve achieved far more than I ever thought possible as an author, so I’m happy.

Me: I know I’d love to see another book by Alex. He’s one of my favorite authors, after all. Who else would like to see more Alex J. Cavanaugh books? 
By Alex J Cavanaugh
From the Amazon Best Selling Series!
A storm gathers across the galaxy…
Commanding the Cassan base on Tgren, Byron thought he’d put the days of battle behind him. As a galaxy-wide war encroaches upon the desert planet, Byron’s ideal life is threatened and he’s caught between the Tgrens and the Cassans.
After enemy ships attack the desert planet, Byron discovers another battle within his own family. The declaration of war between all ten races triggers nightmares in his son, threatening to destroy the boy’s mind.
Meanwhile the ancient alien ship is transmitting a code that might signal the end of all life in the galaxy. And the mysterious probe that almost destroyed Tgren twenty years ago could return. As his world begins to crumble, Byron suspects a connection. The storm is about to break, and Byron is caught in the middle…

“CassaStorM is a touching and mesmerizing space opera full of action and emotion with strong characters and a cosmic mystery.” – Edi’s Book Lighhouse

“Cavanaugh makes world building on the galactic scale look easy. The stakes affect the entire known universe and yet Cavanaugh makes it intensely personal for our hero. The final installment of this series will break your heart and put it back together.”
– Charity Bradford, science fantasy author of The Magic Wakes
“…mesmerizing story of survival, personal sacrifice, tolerance, and compassion. It’s a rare jewel that successfully utilizes both character and plot to tell a story of such immense scope and intimate passion…” – Nancy S. Thompson, author of The Mistaken
$16.95 USA, 6×9 Trade paperback, 268 pages, Dancing Lemur Press, L.L.C.
Science fiction/adventure and science fiction/space opera
Print ISBN 9781939844002 eBook ISBN 9781939844019
$4.99 EBook available in all formats
Find CassaStorm:
Amazon –
Book trailer –
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>
Alex J. Cavanaugh has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and works in web design and graphics. He is experienced in technical editing and worked with an adult literacy program for several years. A fan of all things science fiction, his interests range from books and movies to music and games. Online he is the Ninja Captain and founder of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group. The author of the Amazon bestsellers, CassaStar and CassaFire, he lives in the Carolinas with his wife.

Hey all!

I’m sleepy and don’t have the concentration span of a goldfish. So I – OMG sandwich!!!

Aaaaanyway, I’m going to play hookie today.

Will be around more tomorrow!


When I say "Just Write"…

I’ve recently returned to social media with a vengeance and you might have noticed, because lately I’ve been writing quite a few posts inspired by events on other social media.

Mainly, the reason for this was that… well… Blogging really helps me when I have a lot to say.

Today is another one of these posts. Although a lot less angry because it wasn’t sparked by someone being an idiot.

This time, it was sparked by a lot of first time writers who are being (naturally) lacking in confidence or even down-right insecure. It might be a bit more direct, though, in the interest in helping the new kids see the light faster.

One of them got annoyed because her every writing question got answered by: “Write it first”, “Just write”‘s cousin.

Others commented that they also got annoyed by that answer, because it was a cop out. Instead of a “real answer” we veterans just pat new kids on the heads and tell them to write.

Honestly, I can’t say I blame them. But I do think the phrase is misunderstood.

So here I am, explaining my take on “Write it first” and “Just write”, real answer style:

1. This doesn’t encourage people to jump into a story unprepared. 

There are plotters, pantsers and hybrids out there, and my telling people in general to just write the damn story isn’t a way to tell them all to become pantsers. It does, however mean that once you’ve start, that you should try your absolute best to finish that story. There are reasons not to finish a story. But you’ll know them by the fact that you’ll have a reason to shelf it without having to ask anyone else.

2. Just write = Suck it up and keep going. 

We writers have three serious enemies that always fight our attempts to get writing done: fear, inner critics and inner censors.

If you’ve written past that initial thrill of new inspiration, you’ll know them well. What if I don’t have what it takes to write this story? I can’t possibly let that happen to my characters. This isn’t good enough. I shouldn’t want to be a writer. Who was I kidding? 

They never go away. And no amount of other people telling you you’re good enough and that your story will come out fine will make them leave. The only way to beat them is to keep on writing regardless of what those voices say. 

You’re welcome to complain about your doubts and insecurities, but all your true writer friends will tell you to suck it up, buttercup keep writing. This is, in fact, the strongest encouragement we have. We can’t promise you that you’ll get a million dollar book deal. Or that you’ll even get a deal. But we can promise that you can finish a story. And that in itself is a huge accomplishment.

3. Stop over-thinking. 

This is actually what got me into writing today’s post. I spent the past few weeks writing answers to questions like:

When is it okay to end a chapter? 

What are the pros and cons of writing in first person? 

I have this awesome idea about writing about this war people don’t really know about it, but I’m changing it into a spec fic. But is it a good idea? 

And my current personal favorite: How do I avoid info dumps? How do I discretely disperse information throughout the story? 

Oh and: What should I write to manipulate the maximum amount of readers into reading my book?

New kids, I love you. I really do. I do my utmost to give you the tools you need to get those stories written. But you’re never going to get that book done if you’re constantly worrying about doing things just right so other people (who you don’t even know) will think you’re an awesome writer.

Write until you feel the chapter is done.

There are no pros and cons to writing a certain way. Only ways of writing that do or don’t suit you.

If you love a story idea, it’s a good idea. Now go turn it into a book.

Avoid info dumps by either not writing them, or by writing them and cutting them out later. And then you discretely disperse information throughout your story. COME ON. YOU ALREADY KNEW THIS!!!

And for the love of all that is holy. Stop worrying about manipulating millions into reading your book. Firstly, writers have no power over readers until they’ve already decided to buy and read your book. If you think that writing a certain story in a certain way will win you readers, you’re wrong. If you’re writing, thinking that it’s the easy track to fame (as brought to my attention by your desire to manipulate millions into reading your book), you’re wrong. Seriously wrong. Not only that, you’re writing for the wrong reasons and therefore doomed to fail unless you change your thinking.

There is no one recipe for writing success. Only this: If you focus on your story and actually write what you love, in the way you love to write it, you’ll find at least some measure of success. Eventually. But know that money probably won’t be it. Face it. Love it. Write without worrying about it. Takes off a lot of pressure and makes writing a lot more fun.

If you can think of a best seller in our time, odds are there are a lot of people who didn’t think it would do well. Those books’ authors wrote them anyway. 

Go you and do the same.

Just write.

Perfection comes from editing anyway.

Writing veterans: what does “Just write” and “Write it first” mean when you use it?

Hear Ye Hear Ye! I present to you: Realms Faire 2013


Hear ye! Hear ye! 

Today I announce one week of excitement and fun. 

There’s something to do for all and for one. 

Art, dragon hunts, jousting and more, 
But for this to succeed, we need people galore.

I appeal to your hearts so generous and true, 

To think of gifts for us to pass on from you. 
Nothing can be to big or to small, 
We’re accepting gifts from one and from all.


And if you wish to only take part, 
There are competitions a-plenty, but you need to start, 
By entering in the many lists below. 
But be quick, for the spaces are quicker to go.


2013 Realms Faire & Joust

November 11-15th



Twitter Hashtag – #grogz


2013 Events and Hosts

rfaire divider  

Jousting Tournament

Knights Wanted! Can anyone beat the 2012 champion, Ghost Knight? Angela Brown turned out to be a formidable opponent.

This year, the joust is all about YOU, the knights.

Each knight will be featured during the joust, the tournament held to help promote your book or site. Plus, you’ll be publicized in the sidebar on my site until the 2014 champion is declared.

Prizes will be awarded to each day’s commenters as well as to the winning knight at the end of the joust. Points are scored by commenters using particular words assigned to the knight. Such as, Zounds! Ghost Knight! Lance that lout! The winning words are zounds, Ghost Knight, and lance. That’d be 3 points for Ghost Knight.

Knights can provide either a story about their feats or an excerpt from any of their books. Stories/excerpts are limited to 200 words or less. However the tournament goes, you can’t lose. I’ll be posting everyday the week of November 11th, cheering on knights and promoting their wares.

Knights can also provide prizes.

The Joust is limited to 10 participants. Only 3 slots remaining!

Sign up!


rfaire divider

Masquerade Parade

Attend the ball! You’ll have a ball! Writers disguise themselves and submit a 200 word snippet of the party providing clues/hints as to their identity. Spotlights an author’s writing to help promote them and their wares.

Prizes provided to commenters and the best snippet, decided on by a panel of judges.

The Masquerade is limited to 10-15 costumed authors.

Sign up!

* rfaire divider

The Artist’s Way

Featured authors will provide an excerpt from either published or unpublished work. The artist will create a masterpiece based on the excerpt. Prizes will be awarded.

Author Sign Up! * Artist Sign Up!

* rfaire divider

Collective Stage Performance

A collaborative “Canterbury Tales” story-telling contest by a group of writing “pilgrims” on a journey where each writer assumes a character and gives their pov. The prize for this contest will most likely be free music in lieu of a free meal. Each writer will post their part of the tale on their site *their moment on stage*

Interested writers can contact Sam.

* rfaire divider

Dragon Hunt

Hunt for the hidden dragons. Those who find the most will get a chance to win an Amazon GC by drawing.

* rfaire divider

The Stockade Brigade

Selected authors will be put in the stockades and brought on trial for book witchery. Witnesses will score points by testifying for or against the author’s crimes. Points will be score for using secret words. An ebook will be given away every day to the witness who scores the most points. A bigger prize will be awarded at the end of the week. Warrants for their arrests have already been issued. The Sheriff of Realmsdom will catch up with them all soon.

* rfaire divider

Castle Jumble

Laura will post a word (like Bartizan) on her blog and the first person to give her the correct definition in the comments is the winner. They will need to Google the word most likely. More than one word a day can be posted. A person can only win once a day though.

* rfaire divider

Drench-a-Wench / Soak-a-Bloke

Blogs will be selected by committee to be bombarded by comments. A person will be nominated each day. People will go to that person’s blog and soak them with blog love. One commenter a day will randomly be selected to win a prize. For the commenters that participate in all five days of the event, their names will be entered into a draw for a grand prize.

* rfaire divider


Untethered Realms will post a word each day, such as ‘Phaser’. The first commenter would then provide a word they think of associated with ‘phaser’, such as ‘stun’. The next commenter would then provide a word they associate with ‘stun’, such as ‘shock’. The next would provide a word associated with ‘shock’, such as ‘electric’. And so on. The last comment of the day will receive a prize.



Sponsor Any Event

Sponsors will provide prizes. They’ll be promoted on their own page on and on the Untethered Realms website. In an Amazon widget, their books will be shown, their name and web address will be promoted. This page will also appear as a thank you on and other sites before and after the Realms Faire.

Want to host an event? Contact mpaxauthor at gmail dot com to be put on the planning committee for 2014.

Be a Sponsor

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Please spread the word to all who might be interested. Let’s make this event big, to the benefit of all.