Here’s to 2013!

First off all, have one: 

Overall, 2012 was a zinger of a year, filled with blessing and successes. In fact, I got a substantial amount of this year’s goals done. 
Here’s what I want to do in 2013: 
Continue querying Doorways
Finish the draft to Guardian
Don’t Look Back
(Working Title) Otto
(Working Title) Guardian
Maybe finish the draft sequel to Doorways: Unlocking
Just to read more. I’m going to go easy on myself and aim for 25 books for the whole year. Any genre or classification. Crits not included because I consistently fail to keep count of them. 
Keep working on my voice. 
Get back to guitar lessons. 
REALLY to take French and Italian, since it will be useful to my day job. 
Exercise regularly. This includes activities like gymming, fencing, dancing, yoga or any combination of such activities. 
Eat and cook healthier food. 
Make a point to meet more people with whom I have things in common. Sort of feeling tired of having my real life conversations ending in blank stares. 
I also want to paint more. Maybe even finish an exhibition’s worth of art?
That’s it for me this year. I’m all about simplifying this coming year, so I’m looking forward to seeing how much of it I get done. 
What about you? What do you want to achieve in 2013? 

14 thoughts on “Here’s to 2013!

  1. I personally don't see how so many folks can read so many books in year's time anyway. Compared to some, I must be illiterate. 😉 But the best goals are those that are attainable with a reasonable amount of effort.

    Have a great New Year!

  2. I love seeing everyone's goals at the beginning of the year! They're so full of hope and the whispers of things to come!

    I have quite a few project and reading goals myself. Life goals aren't so easy for me to make though. :/

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