Just some heads-ups (and to explain my sucky day)

Thanks so much for the encouragement and hugs I received on Friday.

I kind of spilled my heart on this subject today on TCoML, so I won’t be writing much of a post here, except to say that the reason for my really shitty day and what I realized about it is in that post, if you want to go check it out.

Before you head over, though, I want to say thank you to everyone who expressed a willingess to help make next year awesome on this blog. I will definitely be putting out more details towards the start of the blogging season next year, since a lot of people who might love to take part will be away spending time with their families. But let me say, that if we get it right, this will be awesome for everyone who reads MFB.

See you tomorrow!



As you may know by now, I’m busy going around and catching up on months’ worth of return visits that I never got to do.

I can honestly say I’m loving this. It’s just amazing to read what’s going on with friends new and old.

In addition, it also got me thinking again about what I can do for next year to make things even better. I have a couple of original and not so original ideas kicking about, so as soon as I have them cemented in my head, I’ll be sharing them in the new year.

One thing I will say, though, is that Guest Post Friday is at an end. BUT! I will be hosting regular guest posts and interviews. I’ll just be doing things a liiiiittle differently to before.

Next year, I want to make the writing bloggosphere an even more awesome place, but I can’t do it alone. Who’s willing to help me? No help can be too big or too small and I’ll NEVER let your help go unnoticed.

A little bit of housekeeping

So… I decided to change my blogs’ looks.

It took me 12 darn hours to manage, because I had to change some html codes. Well… more specifically, I changed them, saved them and checked, but the blogs didn’t change.

Yeah. Annoying as hell, because as far as I could discover, there was nothing to do but repeat the process again and again until it worked.

But yeah. I think it’s worth it, don’t you?

For one thing, the comments should be more visible.

OOOH! Speaking of comments. I’ve received more than a few messages with regards to the comments. Apparently some people just can’t seem to comment on my blog. NO idea why. I do notice, though, that more than a few of them use wordpress.

So here’s my question: Who would (for whatever reason) prefer if I cross-posted to my wordpress blog? The posts’ content will be available. But maybe it would be more convenient for you? If it is, please send me a mail and let me know: mishagericke(AT)gmail(DOT)com.

On an unrelated note, I removed the lists of blogs I follow. For some reason, they were grossly out-of-date and for some reason they refused to accept wordpress blogs. I will gradually build them back up, though, in another format.

That’s me for today.

What do you think about the new look? Any niggles you’d prefer me to fix while I’m at it? Think it’s a good idea for me to cross-post?

A little bit of admin

When I woke up this morning, I got a lovely surprise! L. Diane Wolfe from Spunk on a Stick’s Tips let me know that I’ve been chosen as one of the finalists for this:

Which really has me feeling so honored.

Anyway, as the banner/picture/poster/what-the-heck-do-you-call-these-things-again? states, the winner will be chosen by voting. So if you think I’m a better Supportive Blogger Extraordinaire than the absolute giants of extraodinariness (didn’t get confirmation of who they are, but I’m pretty sure I know) I’m up against, please head over and vote. And if I’m not in your eyes, please go vote anyway, because those other guys are pretty dang awesome.

And then I need a bit of help. I had a cancellation for next week’s Guest Post Friday, so could someone please step up to the plate and help out? You’ll have more than a week to get the post to me and this month’s theme is super easy: Challenged. So… what do you think?

Have you been wanting to sign up but worried that you don’t have anything to say? Have you wanted to sign up and didn’t because you forgot? (Happened to me countless times.) If so, just drop me a line and we’ll get talking. My e-mail address is mishagericke(AT)gmail(DOT)com.

Thanks again for being absolutely awesome!

Back, but not quite on track

Aaaaaah sometimes just a short break can make things better. I heard back from the doctor and I have a clean bill of health, except for certain hormones. But they’re not the ones that were making me tired.

Still… I’m just glad that it’s not something serious.

But yeah… in retrospect I think that it was lethargy that came from recovering after a stressful few weeks before.

You know that feeling as you prep for something really important and set all tiredness, emotions etc. aside until later only to have them all come back and thump you on the head once you’re done?

Yeah. That feeling.


I had it.

Now I’m feeling a lot better, but I’ve decided to make a more active effort at getting control over my stress, because I don’t think that this emotional roller coaster ride is healthy for me. And all things considered, I’d rather not be medicated. And at the rate I was going, I might as well have asked for a prescription.

So… yeah. It’s a bit of a tricky situation, because this lethargy has been creeping up on me ever since I started working.  As a result, the level of activity that have taken me months to build up just isn’t there any more. I have to build it up from scratch again.

But rather that than not getting anything done because I’m too tired/lethargic to.

So… although I will be back to regular posting, I might only be back to visiting other blogs later this week, since I’m just going to HAVE to sit down, take the billions of puzzle pieces that are my life at present and fit them all into my week. If I don’t, I might be insane by Thursday.

What’s your approach to getting everything done?

About the silence…

Hi all, just want to let you know that I’m still alive. Just very very exhausted. So much so that I went to the doctor yesterday to do some blood tests to find out why.

Because of this, I’m going to take a break for the rest of the week in an attempt to save some energy, since I need it to work.

GPF will continue, though. See you on Monday!

Love you all.


Where have all the query writers gone?

I need some help, please. After tomorrow, I have no guests for my GPF features until the 29th.

I don’t like that at all. Do you?

I didn’t think you would, because you’re awesome.

But you know what would make you even more awesome? Volunteering or getting someone to volunteer to write one post about Querying and Submission. It doesn’t have to be a how to. I’m just as curious to find out more about your experiences out there in the battle field. What DO you do with your rejection letters?

Or has traditional publishing and indie press publishing gone extinct since I checked the last time?

Please please please!

I’ll even throw in a crit or beta read to the volunteers, should they need them…

EDIT: All June Spots have been filled. Thanks so much, everyone! If you wanted to volunteer, though, there are still a lot of open spaces for these months:

July: Inspired
August: Challenged
September: Self Publishing and Marketing
October: Scares
November: Keeping track

Please read here for more information and contact me if you’re interested.