NaNo Day 4: Progress and Update

Stats: 7667 words written as of 11:28 am. Three pens written dry.

Goal: 2000 to 4000 words.

So far, Aleria’s memory is still gone. But at least a part of Nick and Ryan’s secrets have been revealed. It was sort of important to keep the story going.

I have to admit that I squeed when it happened.

I wish I could post an excerpt for you all, but I’m thinking this book has some serious potential, so I’m afraid this is another one that I’m going to be all secretive about.

Oh and… a new character showed up, although I’m not sure what to do with him.

Meet Vince. He used to look like this.

Sadly, he is currently worse for wear after a run-in with the guys that got Ryan and Nick’s secret out. He’s only been in the story for a few hundred words, but he’s really coming alive. I think I’m seeing sequel potential. Hell knows he should have issues.

In fact, he should be down right tortured, being as he is locked into an existence that goes against his very nature.

Hey. I’m a writer. Who said I have to be nice?

What about you? Anything exciting happening in your project?

NaNo Day 3: Meet the Characters

So I as promised, today I will introduce you to my characters:

Aleria, the character that starts it all off. She wakes up in a hospital after a plane crash, with no memory and absolutely no idea of exactly how much danger she’s in.

Doctor Blake Ryan. Resident at Aleria’s hospital. Has a past as long as the hospital’s corridors.

Agent Nick Parker. He’s the one who was supposed to go away. He didn’t and that makes me very happy, because he shares Ryan’s past. With even more interesting secrets.

So yeah… I’m VERY happy to have those two guys walking about in my mind. Not surprising, is it? 

NaNo Day 2: The unexpected

Ah… yes… the joy of drafting.

When I’m drafting, I get to write for myself first. I get to just enjoy the roller coaster of the story, because although I do know where it will end, I have ABSOLUTELY no idea how it will get there.

It’s only day 2, but Don’t Look Back has thrown me some serious curves. The FBI agent Nick Parker was supposed to be a guy that’s in and out of the story, sort of to keep the pace going.

Instead, he hijacked it and has some parts from his POV. Oh… and he has a MASSIVE secret. I can’t wait for the great reveal. But that’s still about 30k words away.

In the mean time, as I’m getting into the story, my writing is starting to speed up. I should cross the 2k mark later today, which will be about double what I managed yesterday.

Things are starting to look doable…

What about you? Got any curve balls from unexpected characters? And those of you who decided to not NaNo, how are your revisions/edits/researches going?

If you guys are interested, I’ll try to introduce you to my main characters tomorrow. 😉