Sorry for being so quiet!

This week was a rough one.

Mostly, a lot of developments in my business-life (as supposed to writing-life or… well. life-life) meant that I had zero time for any writing or even social networking.

I’m not complaining. Any movement in the business is good, so I rather spend more time a day and get things dealt with than drag things out. Now we’re basically back to the waiting part, which means I should have more time to write.

I have sooooo much writing to do, though. It’s kinda starting to give me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. It’s not a guilt thing. It’s a stress thing. If I’m in stressful situations, writing helps me blow of steam, but when I’m too tired to write… I don’t, and the stress keeps building.

You’d think that would mean the words just come rushing out as soon as I sit down, but you’d be wrong.

Cause the more stress builds, the harder it becomes for me to find my words. Which adds to my stress, which makes writing more difficult, which adds to my stress.


Not fun.

And I’d like to say I’ll write this weekend, but I’m days behind on my editing goals as well. So now I don’t know what I should do first.

I’ll just have to figure it out over the weekend.

How are you doing? 

17 thoughts on “Sorry for being so quiet!

  1. I know the feeling well, Misha. Sorry you are ploughing through the difficult time. What I do when the words just don't flow, and to ease the stress is to do writing exercises. Just really fun stuff – anything from creating the most hateful character profile to writing a letter to an ultimate being 🙂 Anything that's fun for you, totally off the wall but makes you smile. Hope you feel better soon. Take good care.

  2. You'll figure it out, Misha 🙂 – try to relax a little and then the words will start flowing. My week has pretty much been the same as yours, and then my parents wanted my help today so no luck writing so far this weekend! Wishing you all the best x

  3. I can totally relate to your stress! It can be tough getting words on the page, especially when we are putting a lot of pressure on ourselves. 🙂 Wishing you the best of luck and I hope you can relax a bit.

  4. When things get like that, pick out one manageable thing and get it done. Just being able to cross something of your do-list can make you feel in control again. Then move on to number two.

  5. Pray, walk/run. listen to music, read your favorite part of your favorite book, gaze at something beautiful, listen to the sound of water falling (it's raining a lot here so I've been doing that a bit), and then give yourself a sentence or two.
    It's tough to write with stress – so those are my suggestions – hope it helps!

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