New Ideas and New Writers

8 thoughts on “New Ideas and New Writers

  1. Very inspiring, Misha! Reminds me of an exercise an art professor had us do one day. Put our pencil on the paper, look at the item to be drawn, and draw it…without looking at the paper until we were done! They weren't going to be masterpieces…but. that. didn't. matter. (And really, they weren't as bad as any of us expected!)

  2. Great advice for new writers. It's true that most writing advice won't make sense until you have done some actual writing. You are very eloquent in your video and I kinda feel like I just hung out with you for a few minutes 🙂 Now I'm gonna post a comment on You Tube!

    P.S. Cool bed

  3. What a wealth of great advice, Misha! Writing makes you a writer, nothing else does. And you threw in something near the end almost as an afterthought that I think is vital – to enjoy what you're doing. It will show.

  4. Misha, I totally agree, just write, we all have our own ways… and we can't really do what other people do… You communicate well in video, great job xox

  5. I couldn't agree with you more, particularly on reading books on how to write. Of course there are a few out there that are truly inspirational, but most of them, as you say, are a waste of time. Writing is the only way to learn how to write. Just as the only way to learn how to swim is to get in the water!

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