Feeling better.

Hey all. Just wanted to make a quick stop to say thanks to everyone who’ve been commenting on my post from Wednesday.

I can’t tell you all how much I appreciate your support and advice.

Right now, I’m busy clawing my way out of the doldrums, which is a good thing, since I have three days this weekend (Monday is a public holiday) where I can get myself well and truly in a good place.

Thanks to you guys’ advice, I’m taking a few minutes to try and find a different perspective over everything. Hopefully, doing so will give me a chance to find a solution to my current predicament. But it feels good to feel like I might figure things out.

Anyhow, that’s where I am at present. I’ll be back on Monday with more of a post.

Have a lovely weekend!



13 thoughts on “Feeling better.

  1. I had to go check out Wednesday's post because I had missed that, so I'm glad to hear that you're feeling like you might figure things out. And I'm sorry that you were feeling down at all. I've been there, and like Yolanda said, I'm sure I'll end up there again someday.

    Hang in there, and enjoy your three-day weekend! (Hooray for public holidays! And Hooray for having a day job that observes those. My day job never did.)

  2. I just skipped back to Wednesday's post. It's so hard when everything tumbles down on you, and all you want is to rest/write/sleep/eat or whatever else is most important for you at the moment.

    I'm glad you've got some holidays to enjoy:-)

  3. Taking some time for yourself is important Misha… I have learned that more and more lately… it's something we need to do to take care of ourselves… have a great weekend xox

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