When it rains it pours…

It’s late, but I thought I should stop by and post something here. The plan had been to post on Friday and today, but then on Friday, right before I was going to take the time to write something, my laptop decided to die after five years. (Which I think was an awesome run.)

So today, I bought another laptop (which is basically a souped up, more contemporary version of my previous laptop) and spent the rest of it updating programs etc.

I’m pretty happy with the purchase, especially because for some odd reason, I needed zero time to adjust to my new keyboard. (I mean seriously, this has never happened to me before.)

At any rate, my computer dying has put me seriously behind on a lot of things, so I think that, since 1) no one mailed me any news and 2) I had no chance to find news for myself, I’m going to skip tomorrow’s post and post on Wednesday.

Hopefully then I’ll be able to sit still for long enough to actually visit people. It would be really nice.

How are you doing?


23 thoughts on “When it rains it pours…

  1. Glad you got a new laptop right away that works for you. I think ours is over six years old. Still works, which is a miracle! (My iPad Pro has since replaced it.)
    Only news I can give you is the IWSG Newsletter.

  2. Hi Misha,

    Bloody computers! Thankfully, you seem to be having a smooth transition with your new laptop. Don't worry, you will catch up. Please don't feel rushed. It took me ages to adjust to my wireless keyboard.

    Take it easy and hey, I'm doing just fine, thank you πŸ™‚


  3. My laptop's about 4 years old and on its last legs. I hold my breath every time I turn it on! Not a clue how I'll afford a new one though, so I'm grateful; I know I'm living on borrowed time with it!

  4. New laptop sounds lovely. Does it have microsoft word on it for that all important writing? I've been without my computer for 2 weeks. Got it back recently, which was a relief, though as you say it forces you to cut down on internet time, which isn't a bad thing.

  5. Five years sounds like a great run! You were only offline for a weekend too, which is nice. I've had a few laptop problems in recent years. It's amazing how much you rely on it for everything, so it's a difference when it's gone.

  6. I am sorry about your computer but happy to hear you have another one… it takes a bit to get everything put back on, nice that it's so upto date… xox

    I am not a laptop girl, I love my desktop… even if I can't take it wherever I go.. πŸ™‚

  7. Glad you got a new laptop:) Mine is getting a bit old, might be time to replace it. Right now, I'm just trying to get some sleep…our youngest keeps waking us up in the night…ah, babies…

  8. It's understandable to fall behind when you're in the process of changing laptops, especially because we keep so much stuff on our computers and use our computers for so many different things. I'm planning on getting a new laptop soon. I've always coveted one of those fancy Macbooks, but I can only afford one of the much less expensive PCs.

  9. Glad you a computer you understood quickly. What have I been doing? Writing steadily. Deactivated my FaceBook page temporarily. Working on a plan to pay off my credit card and an old school bill. Planning a trip to Israel this fall. Joined a new critique group.

  10. Glad your replacement laptop was a fairly painless experience. Mine is getting long in the tooth but still working well. I'm dreading the day when it decides it's time to retire!

  11. Five years is a really sweet run for a laptop. Mine is only a year old and it's driving me crazy right now after an update. Glad you are liking the new keyboard and that you didn't have to hibernate too long πŸ™‚

  12. I've just given my laptop a stroke, and told it I love it – it's always good to be nice to technology πŸ™‚ Stories like this always remind me to back up.

    Glad you're up and running again so quickly!

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