Hello from the new year!

I can’t believe it, but this is my first post for the year 2016. Which, in a sense means that this is really the first day of my new year too.

As such, I’ve decided to start rough drafting again. Good idea in theory. Except it turned out that the heat and lack of use of my fountain pen resulted in it totally clogging up. Which means I’m currently sitting with a jug of water next to my laptop, submersing the pen’s tip to unclog it. It’ll probably take a few more hours before I’ll be able to use it again. But hey, at least in this heat (fourth day in a row where temperatures were higher than 40 degrees Celsius), the tip will dry quickly. 
In the meantime, I decided that it’s time to update my blog a bit. I actually made the back-ground myself, and maybe I’m biased, but it’s giving me the warm-and-fuzzies to look at. It just feels so clean and light and different. 
Then, I also decided I’m going to bring back two regular features on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 
On Tuesdays (possibly starting next week), I’ll be sharing news snippets. This’ll be everything from cool posts, to blogfests/hops, books being released etc. So if you have a piece of news you’d like for me to share, please mail me at mishagericke(AT)gmail(DOT)com with News in the subject line. This is especially important if you want to make sure your news is shared here, because with the amount of blogs I visit, I might not spot your particular piece of news on a given day. Also, you can let me know someone else’s good news if you don’t think I know about it yet.

On Thursdays I’d like to host other bloggers. You don’t HAVE to have a book to sell. You can just advertise your blog this way if you want. (Also, please note that if you’re trying to arrange a blog-tour you don’t have to post on Thursdays. This is just a nice open day for everyone to use regardless of publishing status.) For more information or to book a guest post date (all Thursdays are currently open), please mail me at mishagericke(AT)gmail(DOT)com with Guest Post in the subject line. Please note that this offer is not open to copywriters looking to write samples. 

Other that, I’ll basically be writing about writing and my experiences as a writer. (As always.)

To 2016! Charge!

Have you changed anything to your blog for the new year? Any news to share? Feel like signing up for a guest post? 


35 thoughts on “Hello from the new year!

  1. I would like to pay more attention to my blog this year. I guess that counts as a change. I neglected it badly (and the blogs I read, too) last year, and I'd like to fix that.

    I don't really have any news to share at the moment, but I'd certainly keep it in mind.

    Best of luck to you in the coming year, Misha!

  2. My intention (and we all know what road is paved with them!) is to be better about visiting bloggers. I slacked off in that department last year…

    If I run across any news, or have any of my own, I'll let you know!

    Happy New Year, Misha!

  3. I like the new background a lot! I still have to get into the habit of posting regularly on my blog again, and I've been out of that habit for five or six years. (Geez, where'd the time go?) And happy 2016!

  4. I thought I clicked on the wrong thing when I saw your new look. It is very light. I'd love to switch my cold with your heat today. I like your plans for the new year and now you made me think I should update my blog look too.

  5. Love the new background. Its pretty! I' still in the process of creating some goals for myself for this year. Pretty much settling on one though: write 100 words a day.

    Happy new Year Misha.

  6. I'm making a few small changes to my blog for the new year. I'll actually be posting less, but I'm okay with that change because I think I'll be writing more. (I hope.)

    I would love to sign up for a guest post, but I'll e-mail you and let you know.

    I love your new blog look! Happy New Year!

  7. Misha? Your layout looks fresh and clean… I didn't change my blog in the new year but I had big make over in the Summer… I'm still happy with it for the time being.

    You have some good ideas, I wish you lots of success. I follow a pile of blogs myself and find it challenging to write once a week. I hope you have a really great week xox ♡

  8. I've also started something new recently but other than that, nothing's new in my world except that winter has truly arrived and it is COLD! Happy New Year 🙂

  9. Good luck with your pen! It is hard to imagine being in extreme heat, as we are going through an Arctic Blast right now. It was -7F when I woke up today!

    The blog schedule looks great! Also, love the background of your blog. 🙂

    Happy 2016!

  10. The background is cute, Misha. It feels all light and dreamy. 🙂

    Two features a week is decent and I'l take you up on the offer to share here on one of those days in the future. Of course, should you need the favour returned you are always welcome at my blog. 🙂

    Happy 2016, Misha. May it bring uber blessings.

    Shah X


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