Update Day Leftovers Edition

Hi everyone! Today is Updated Day for my Big Dreams/Crazy Goals bloghop. But before I get to that, I want to let you know that my short story Hanna’s Gift is now on Lightning Quick Reads, if you would like to check it out.
Right. For those of you who aren’t clear on what I’m doing today, the Big Dreams/Crazy Goals bloghop was my and Beth’s brainchild, which was aimed at allowing ourselves to think big, while encouraging us to figure out ways in which to at least try to get there. It’s also great for accountability (no one wants to be the person who keeps updating with no news all year) and encouragement.
The bloghop is open for anyone to join. If you’d like more information, please click here.
Now that’s done, let me get to that update.
Well. The long and short of it is that I didn’t actually manage to finish anything I set out to do this month. I mentioned my new job last time, and although I’m really happy with it, I think the adjustment was just one last straw that kicked me over into emotional exhaustion territory.
I’ve had a stressful year that can only be called an improvement on the last because 2014 set the bar so low, and I’ve been fighting all year to keep writing.
This month, I came to the point where I just couldn’t. (Which in itself deserves to have a post written about it.) The thing is, I know myself. I’ve been pushing through stress and writer’s block because I wanted to write. Then, I just got this… lethargic feeling even when I have deadlines looming.
Tried taking a few days off (and have been writing little bits), but overall, I’m just not in the place where I want to be.
And the thing is, I have a huge year planned for 2016. I can’t burn myself out. I can’t afford it. Now when I have actual, living and breathing fans who want more books.
I’m going to break the pattern (and pace) I’ve set since January. Instead of looking at my progress for November and setting goals for December, I’m going to set one goal: Work on Wo6C3. How much work will depend on how I’m feeling. Anything else I do will depend on how I’m feeling.
Then, I’ll update on the entire year’s progress and announcing my goals for 2016. In between, I’m hoping to get a LOT of reading done.

What about you? How are your goals going? Are you also starting to feel tired after 2015?

13 thoughts on “Update Day Leftovers Edition

  1. Misha, I think sometimes it is good to step back for a bit… burning ourselves out isn't a good idea. Once you are refreshed, you will come back stronger xox

  2. Sometimes switching gears is the best thing to do… I put too much pressure on myself too when it comes to goals, but sometimes I just need a change. Just keep at it and you'll do fantastically:)

  3. I'm still amazed at all of your hard work.
    However, I understand narrowing your focus.

    I have one main focus right now – get Champion's Destiny to a publishable place.

    (And, do that while fulfilling all my work as a teacher, home-school mom, etc.)

    So, let's both finish and finish strong!

  4. You have to look after yourself first, and the writing will still be there when you're ready for it. I really hope 2016 works out for you, so take that break and prepare for better things to come.

  5. Setting goals can be a good thing, but there is a danger of putting too much pressure on ourselves, especially if our situation changes. Just having the one for now and keeping it flexible sounds like a good idea.

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