Handwriting Drafts

Hi all,

That’s write. Today I’m visiting M.J. Fifield and answering questions about rough drafting by hand.

Hope to see you there!



19 thoughts on “Handwriting Drafts

  1. I have written 2 entire books in long-hand and bits and pieces of several other manuscripts. Nowadays I just outline by long-hand. The actual writing takes place directly on the laptop.

  2. I love handwriting drafts. Partial drafts . . . I get sidetracked with excitement once that's going great and jump on laptop o_O lol

    Running over to read these answers you have 😀

  3. I seem to think best with a pen in hand. I like to do planning and things by hand and then if possible write by hand as well. The only exception is NaNoWriMo; then I'll plan by hand pretty extensively but then write like a crazy thing on the computer.

  4. Thanks so much to everyone who've been following my blog tour. You're all awesome. 😀

    Kelly, that's why I love hand drafting too.

    Yes Crystal. ALL the time. 😉

    Thanks Blogoratti. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by, Deborah.

    Have fun Julie!

    Very interesting Rachna. 🙂

    Thanks so much Catherine!

    Katherine it's the same with me. I never really write the entire thing by hand. I just write until I've figured out the story.

    It is a more comfortable way to write (once you're used to it) isn't it Melissa?

    Hahaha Stina, statistically, someone is bound to say their writing sucks when written longhand. 😛

    Same here Cait. It's part of the reason why I rough draft by hand, because I don't plan until I'm prepping the rewrite.

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