The Muse Party Blogfest

Hi all! Just because I felt like doing something a bit different, today, I decided to take part in Sarah Foster’s Muse Party Blogfest.

Basically, it’s a virtual party where writer’s and muses go. Or characters, if it comes to that. I’m dragging a character along, because he’s been veeeeery vocal while I’ve been editing the book he’s in. (If you’d like to join in or to see who else is at the party, click here.) Now without further ado, time to get going.

Misha: *Checks outside while she finishes getting dressed. Stifles a laugh because Darrion’s scowling while leaning against her car.*
Darrion: *Tugs at his collar, so not into this casual-not-taking-weapons-with outfit, but Callan and Kaela both insisted, so…*
Misha: *Heads out as soon as she’s done.*
Darrion: *Brightens slightly.* We can still skip the party.
Misha: What? No. I said we’re going and just not arriving is rude. Besides. I didn’t get dressed for nothing.
Darrion: *Looks her up and down* Well…you do look nice.
Misha: …Thanks.
Darrion: And I do so appreciate you not trying to make your dress match my shirt.
Misha: *squints, trying to figure out if he’s being sarcastic. Goes with… not.* Yeah. Not the matchy matchy type. *Gets into the car.*
Darrion: *mutters* Thank God. *Takes two bottles off the car’s hood and gets in as well.*
Misha: Says the guy who spends more than three quarters of his life in uniform.
Darrion: *Sing song* Not the same.
Misha: *Little shake of her head. Just drives.*
Darrion: Are you sure you have time for this? I mean–
Misha: Do not bring up all the editing I have to do. It’ll get done.
Darrion: *Tiiiiiny smile. Secretly loves winding her up.*
Misha: I should have invited my muse. *Glances his way.*
Darrion: Now why would you say that?
Misha: Or maybe I should have brought Gawain. He’s always a hit at parties.
Darrion: *Peeved* I can be a hit at parties too, you know. We’re friends for a reason.
Misha: Okay… What are we going to sing for karaoke?
Darrion: *Scowls*
Misha: See? You’re too uptight for strange parties.
Darrion: And yet, I’m a great conversationalist.
Misha: If you can resist hitting someone. *Groans* You’re not going to hit someone.
Darrion: *Scowls* Why am I coming with you again?
Misha: Because you won’t leave me alone, remember? You follow me around everywhere.
Darrion: Right. *Crosses his arms, making his shirt strain at his shoulders.*
Misha: What party game are we going to suggest?
Darrion: Is Quin coming? We can maybe tie him up and–
Misha: Don’t…
Darrion: *Grins* We only need to stop somewhere for sticks.
Misha: Gaaaaaaaah you’re incorrigible!
Darrion: *Chuckles* You love me for it. *Seriously thinks about a game that’s actually safe for everyone to play*
Misha: Musical Chairs it is.
Misha: *Explains*
Darrion: Oh…kay?
Misha: It’ll be fun.
Darrion: If you say so.
Misha: What’s in the bottles?
Darrion: Mulnich for me and… since you definitely can’t handle mulnich, liquid chocolate for you.
Misha: *Grins* Enough to share?
Darrion: *Nods*
Misha: *Grin widens* And that is why I love you.
Darrion: *Little smile back.*
Misha: *Sighs when they arrive at the party.*
Darrion: *Frowns at the entrance where people are milling around.* No one’s seen us yet. We can still escape.
Misha: Oh for the love of — *Gets out of the car.*
Darrion: *Follows* Can’t blame me for trying. You know I don’t generally do well with crowds.
Misha: Nonsense. You’re charming. You’re good looking. You’ll be the heart and soul of the party as soon as you smile.
Darrion: Exactly what I’m not looking forward to.
Misha: …You realize becoming King means you’ll deal with crowds for the rest of your life, right?
Darrion: Worth it.
Misha: *Can’t argue with that* Well…if you really don’t want to go… I’ll just go alone. Just…try and stay out of trouble, okay? *Heads in.*
Darrion: …*Sighs and catches up to her at the door, hooking her arm through his.* This is worth it too.
Misha: *Beams and kisses his cheek, then looks around for people she knows.*

23 thoughts on “The Muse Party Blogfest

  1. I think Darrion and my muse could go off and get drunk together. Or maybe not. Someone might end up needing an ambulance. It's funny how we argue with our muses constantly.

  2. Loved your interaction with Darrion! It's funny how there's always a bit of arguing when we talk with our muses/characters.
    Thanks for coming to my party!

  3. Tee-hee! That was great! I love tough guys who like to wear weapons and beat people up. 😛 Your post was brilliant! Now I wish I did something more clever.

  4. Ooh that was a fun way to answer the questions! And, umm.. what is this 'liquid chocolate' you speak of? Like hot cocoa, or something else? Do tell!

  5. Love your interaction with your muse. He sounds like the bad boy with a kind heart that we all want to find.
    I feel so left out. Everyone has a muse that has character and a life. I just need to find the time and don't so much have a muse.

  6. Hahaha Tamara you might be right.

    I thought you might appreciate Darrion, Beer dudes. 😉

    Joyce, we can only hope. 😉

    Oh yeah, Sarah, I almost constantly bicker with my characters.

    You should see his inside grumpiness, Samantha.

    Glad you enjoyed it, Chrys.

    Shell, he can be fun at parties if someone gets him to lighten up.

    Yay, Alex! I hoped it would be, but I always struggle with writing funny things.

    J.H. I'm the same. I like people and crowds. But somehow, parties sometimes get to me.

    Thanks, Tyrean!

    Patricia, good to know. I'll distract him. 😉

    I'm glad you like him, Dolorah.

    Awe thanks, Anne Marie! You're welcome to. 🙂

    Ravyne, I'm heading over now.

    Nah Rachel, he actually got along with everyone. Sometimes while gritting his teeth, but overall, he behaved.

    Lisa, that's him all over. Once he relaxes, he's nice.

    AJ, it can be heated to make hot chocolate and has almost the same consistency as when chocolate is melted. They have a trick to keep it that way even when it's cold too.

    Thanks Tanya. I enjoyed taking part.

    Thanks, Fifi!

    Glad you enjoyed it, Heather.

    Me too, Spacerguy.

    KAT, sometimes all it takes is to sit down and get started. 🙂

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