HUGE Announcement and I Need Some Help

Okay. Deep breaths. Those of you who stopped by on Wednesday have probably seen this already:


It was supposed to be just one quick taster to tide you over.

But. You know how I kept saying things haven’t been falling together right? How I would just keep plodding along until things did fall in to place?

Well. They have.

Just not in the way I’d expected. Which is why it took one unexpected royalty payment from my former publishing house – more than a year after I got my book rights back (Although, that wasn’t their fault. The Post Office of South Africa was on strike for most of 2014. I kid you not.) to make me realize that it had.

To illustrate:

I needed to find a way to learn how to format my books and got given an AMAZING step by step guide. (More on this later.)

In my time off, I’ve basically been editing. So basically, I have one round of edits left to make sure the continuity is kept constant, followed by proofreads, which will probably happen in pen.

ISBNs I’ve had since last year.

So all I needed were the covers.

Well. The one you saw. Now, I present to you:

Which means that, except for nailing down the back of the book copy, I basically need to decide on my release date. 

Ahem. *Cough* July 31 *Cough*

Seriously, then, I really need exactly one thing: Your help.

Unlike last time around, I’m giving myself three months to set up my blog tour, marketing etc. And I’m thinking of doing the set-up differently.

To make things easier for me AND you… Please see the pages above. Blog Tour, Cover Reveal and Review. Inside will be a linky list and an explanation of what the entry entails. Don’t worry. No selling or buying of souls just yet.

You’re welcome to enter more than one activity, if you’d like.

So what do you say? Anyone want to help?

24 thoughts on “HUGE Announcement and I Need Some Help

  1. Sweet! And congrats.
    Smashwords gives a free guide on how to format for their site.
    SERIOUSLY, if you are going to use them, FOLLOW THE GUIDE STEP BY STEP. And do the Nuclear method the first time around. (Save 6 hours of your life.)
    I tried Scrivener formatting… nope, not with Smashwords. It was a fail.

    That sucks your postal service could go on strike.

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