Update Day, March Edition

Another month has passed, which means that it’s another round of updates for me and my bloghop compatriots. For those of you new to my blog or who have otherwise missed out on the information, let me just give you a quick explanation.

As you can see at the top of my blog, I’ve got a pretty insane writing goal and I’m not the only one. So Beth Fred and I created this bloghop, which is where anyone with a crazy or just crazy important goal can enter. Then, on the last Friday of every month, we post updates on our progress and then visit each other to share advice and encouragement. If you’d like more information, or just to see who else has been getting what done, please feel free to click here.
Now that’s done, let’s get to the update.

When it comes to my goals, I didn’t get to do as much as I’d wanted, but that’s fine, because most of the first half of this month was taken up by settling into our new house. Then, the return of Internet has completely changed the structure of my day, since Internet means I can actually work again. My job is usually not something that’s an endless rush, but it does make it harder for me to focus on writing and editing in the day. I’ll get there, but adapting to change does take time.
That said, I am quite pleased with what I’ve been getting done:

Goals for March: 


1) Sort out covers for Wo6C1, Wo6C2 and BvB1
Still a no. Just not *quite* in the space where I can contact someone for this yet.

2) Proofread Wo6C1 and Wo6C2.
Busy with Wo6C1, but I should have this done by the 31st. I’m doing a loud reading at a pace of about 50 pages per evening.

3) Edit my Untethered Realms Anthology Short Story

4) Start Revising ES1
Didn’t get to this.

5) Rough draft 35k words.
I’ve drafted about 25k words this month and got to a place where I could structure my rewrite for Wo6C3. At the moment, though, my priority is to finish proofreading Wo6C1, so I probably won’t be drafting until April.

6) Rewrite 15k words.
I rewrote about 4k words.

This is what March looked like, writing-wise:


1) Start King Lear
Still didn’t get to it.

2) Start a French book
This neither

3) Read four other books.
I read two books this month, but might read a third by this weekend. 

Social Media

Once I have Internet, I want to:

1) Get back into a regular blog posting schedule.
Working on this, but it’s already coming back to me.

2) Visit everyone who’ve been stopping by since the beginning of the year.
Caught up here.

3) Get into the A to Z Challenge swing. Yep, I’m signed up. Three blogs this year.
I ended up asking for one blog to be removed, because I realized that while I have managed two blogs, three might be too ambitious given everything else I want to do. So far, I have posted for the theme bloghop and today, I planned what I want to write about. 


1) Finish applying for a government grant for my one business.

2) Finish crocheting a blanket for my room.
I’ve finished a few more squares, but it’s still a long way from finished. 

3) Do something else crafty. Painting, perhaps.
Haven’t gotten to this yet, although the arty bug has been gnawing at me for a few days. It’s just a bit too hard for me to paint right now while everything is still settling down. 

My Goals for April: 


1) Sort out covers for Wo6C1, Wo6C2 and BvB1
2) Proofread Wo6C2
3) Copyedit BvB1
4) Start Revising ES1
5) Write 50 000 words (rewrites included.)
6) Start looking at the concepts for P and my Science Fiction project. (I’m now at the point where I’m running out of draft projects where I know what I want to write about.)

Writing wise, I hope April will look like this:


1) Start King Lear
2) Start a French book.
3) Read four other books.

Social Media

It’s A to Z Challenge and I have two posts entered. However, I’m also doing Camp NaNo this year, and since I’m a writer first, that’s getting priority.

I would, however, like to survive the A to Z Challenge for both blogs, while keeping up with the comments to every day’s post. Anything extra that I can add to that is extra.

Also, I’ve been critiquing first chapters on Wattpad and I’d really like to keep that going.


1) Find a good balance between my job, writing, networking and the rest of my life.
2) Finish at least two skeins of wool on crocheting my blanket.
3) Edit my most recently taken photographs.

What about you? How did March treat you? 

19 thoughts on “Update Day, March Edition

  1. I'd say you had a pretty good month despite all the obstacles thrown in your way.

    I hope things continue to level off. You've had one heck of a bumpy ride.

    For me, March was over before it started. :le sigh:

  2. Holy cow, you're a busy person! Glad that you managed to settle into the house and got the Internet back. I'm impressed with what you've accomplished and still plan to do.

  3. Wow! You had an awesome writing month – 25k and 4k revision, right? Wow! And you've been staying on track for your projects – sometimes I think knowing where I'm at with everything is half the battle to keeping it all moving forward.
    Best of wishes on finding that balance with life, writing, networking, etc – if you find a magical formula, please let me know. 😛
    Thanks so much for hosting this, Misha!

  4. You achieve so many goals because you plan it out so well. That's the best way to stay focused.
    I saw that you'd requested one blog be removed from the Challenge list. Probably a good idea.

  5. You had a fantastic month on top of the move, Misha. Goodness me, your April is just too scary busy to contemplate. Although, if I could be even slightly as efficient at writing my own projects as I am with other people's, I'd give you a run for your money. But sadly, I'm poop at my own stuff, sadly.

    Here's hoping you manage at least a little relaxation this weekend. 🙂


  6. With everything you had going on, I think you've done brilliantly.

    I didn't get as much done this month as I'd have liked – but any progress is good, isn't it?

  7. With everything you had going on, I think you've done brilliantly.

    I didn't get as much done this month as I'd have liked – but any progress is good, isn't it?

  8. I posted a day late for this – sorry! Friday was fully insane with cat rescue shenanigans on top of a full day of work.

    I have been doing the bare minimum on my editing, and I want that to change.

  9. I had to laugh when I read you deleted one of three blogs from a-z challenge cause it might be too ambitious, I'm not even joining the challenge because it's too ambitious this year. And when I read all you're doing, I want to lay down and go to sleep. Yeah for you.

  10. My head is spinning with what you've achieved in March and what you've got lined up for April! Two A-Z blogs, Camp NaNo, editing and more? Just moving house knocks me out of it. All the very best of luck!

  11. Looks like you've got a few things done at least!

    And way to go on getting 2 blogs in the A to Z! That's a lot of work. (I did double posts my first year. Crazy!)

    How's the reading of 4 other books coming? (Shameless plug- I've got one that's just over 7,000 words. It's a reference. You could read it in an hour or so.)

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