Just a quick check-in

Yay! I’m so excited I can hardly sit still. All because I’m going to have proper Internet again real soon. 
Think I’m being stupid for being so ridiculously happy? Try not having Internet for a month. It’s sorta nice in week one. It’s really nice in week two. In week three, there’s a sense that you’re cut off. In week four, it feels like you’re going to die from withdrawals. 
Fortunately for me, the funny season is about to come to an end, which means that I’ll have Internet by the end of next week at the latest. That’s probably the soonest I’m going to get it too, since I now live on a farm that’s more than a little remote, so ISP is collecting jobs so that they don’t have to drive out for one unless they absolutely have to. 
Still, it means I’ll be back to blogging soon. And visiting you all. I really can’t wait to catch up with all of you. Those visits are more than a little overdue. 
In the meantime, I thought I’d let you know about how my goals for January are coming along. 
By yesterday, I’ve finished rewriting the Western/Romance, and finished drafting all of the books I’d been working on last year. I’ve also read two books. So I can safely say that progress is being made. 
Right now, though, I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. I have that short story for the Untethered Realms Anthology to write, but about a quarter of the way in, it’s still not moving past the concept stage. As in, I have an awesome character, but the story just ain’t happening. 
Which sucks. I really really want to have a story to send in, but my goals puts a wrinkle in it. Because let’s face it, if I want to finish at least half of the goals outlined, I can’t waste time on stories that just won’t come. It’s happened to two of my drafts from last year. The concept is awesome, but the story isn’t there. 
What’s the point on trying to force it out when I could be writing something that’s got all the aspects in place already? Or rewriting. Or editing. Or even starting a new concept and seeing if I can form a story from it already? Because that’s the thing. I never know unless I try it first. 
If I put something aside for now, it gives that story months, years even to incubate. Yes, I will write every single one of them, for as long as I see the merit. 
The thing is, this short story is messing with me now. It has a deadline which isn’t my own. That means I either find a way to write it this week, or I don’t publish in the anthology this year. See the big thing is that my brain isn’t wired for short stories, but I’m proud of the few I have written in the past few years. I want to be proud of the work I create. 
All of the work I create. So I’m not just going to put a story together that’s below my standards. It’s either there, or it’s not. And if it’s not by Sunday, I’m moving on. That is my goal for now. (If it’s not a goal, I might end up clinging to the story when it’s really just wasting my time.) 
Everything else going on in my life is on hold pending either the return of Internet or the end of the holiday or both. I do feel like I have a lot to say this year, though, which bodes well for my blogging. Soon. 

How are you doing? 

26 thoughts on “Just a quick check-in

  1. It sucks having to cope without the internet.The joys of living somewhere rural. Still there are lots of other perks and it sounds like you have been keeping busy. I hope you had a nice Christmas and that your 2015 is awesome 🙂

  2. I struggle with short stories too. I like your attitude. Liking what you write is always important, but I hope the muse cooperates and ends up giving you great story ideas. Best of luck Misha! Sterkte!

  3. It sounds like you have been productive in getting your drafts done without internet, so that's good.

    It would be nice to be part of the anthology. I find a good walk in some fresh air can help me make a breakthrough if I'm stuck on something. Good luck!

  4. I totally understand your desire to stay cyberly connected, but im sure the farm is beautiful. It will be awesome to have you back. There's something about that word incubate. 🙂 It's great you've made progress with your other projects.

  5. I can't imagine going for a month without internet! I can see how the first week might be kind of nice, but after that, I think I might have withdrawals. Glad to hear you'll have internet again soon! 🙂

    Good luck with all your projects. I would say if the short story for the anthology isn't coming, maybe you should let it go. I know that's hard to do, but maybe focusing on your other projects will be a good thing.

  6. Sometimes it's nice to get “unplugged” for a while but only by choice. Not having Internet access would drive me bonkers.

    We're in the same boat right now. I need a short piece to read at a public reading my local writers group is doing on the 16th. My create idea flowed easily until I was about half way through. I know where I need to go but I can't get there. I'll wish us both luck.

  7. My brain isn't normally wired for short stories either, but I just jumpstarted mine. Hahaha. Finally got a good idea. I feel for you. When the Internet is out I feel as if I'm missing important messages.

  8. Life with internet does sound sort of nice, but not for very long. Maybe just like limited internet or something. I wish I could write short stories, but I never now how to make them interesting enough without structuring them like a novel. . . which isn't a good idea. But I hope you figured your dilemma out!

  9. I'm so much more productive in my writing when I'm forced away from the internet, but everything else suffers and I yearn for my writing community online because I don't have one in the flesh. Get connected soon, Misha. X


  10. I know what you mean about the short stories and deadlines. I've been in quite a few anthologies lately, and now am contributing to a monthly story blog, so it's stretching me to all kinds of new heights. But it's also awesome. Along with the demands, we learn we can do it. We really can.

    Wishing you back on the internet shortly. And here, have some cheese.

  11. I'm looking forward to the day your internet returns in full force! I also hope the words start flowing for your short story. I agree, it's no fun to force out words. Did you end up working it out? Or did you move on?

  12. Life without internet is tough, especially for a month. Short stories are such slippery little bits of fiction – sometimes they work, and sometimes they spin out of control for me.
    Best wishes on all your writing this month!

  13. Glad to hear that you'll have internet again! You're stronger than I am. I don't know how I would have managed.

    I know what you mean about making sure all of the work that you publish is good quality. Good luck with all of your projects!

  14. I'm sure your internet is up and running smoothly now… and that story must be already published?
    I can never understand how people can't write short pieces… I'm the opposite – love my flash fiction.

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