IWSG: What. The. Hell…..?!

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Honestly, I’m currently too tired right now to be insecure in my writing. There’s just too much going on in my life. Which means that although I still have goals and am taking part in NaNo, I’m just not going to worry about getting anything more done than what I’m capable of in the last two months of this year.

I’m currently FAR behind on NaNoWriMo, thanks to entering November with a flu/throat infection.

Yes, 2014 is still to stop being a d*ck at every turn.

It did, however, give me THE MOST astounding paranormal experience of my life. Which, coming from me, says a lot. And it was convenient enough to make the date easy to remember, since it happened today at 1 a.m.

Since I missed out on posting on Halloween, I’m going to share this here. Also, because I really want to find out if anyone has experienced something similar and if you have suggestions as to what it could be.

I was sleeping rather restlessly, since I suffer from night terrors. For those of you who don’t know what night terrors are: It’s basically a condition where you “get a nightmare” in the deepest stages of sleep. Which means that yes, I do see some seriously weird stuff all the time. Hyper real and hyper terrifying. A lot of people don’t remember the exact nature of the night terrors. Nor do they remember having them.

I’ve sort of learned to recognize them as they occur, since they occur so often. Which means that I’ve been able to remember some aspects of the night terrors. At least so that if they repeat, I recognize them. ESPECIALLY the really creepy stuff.

Anyway. The point here is that I am VERY aware of the difference between dreams and reality, because it’s usually the only thing keeping me from screaming like a girl and running through the house like a crazy person.

So at about midnight, two of my cats wanted to be let out, so I walked through my dark bedroom to the front door and opened it by feel. Do it all the time, so I’m not all that bothered with it. I got back into bed and continued with my restless sleep.

In this time, some sort of night terror. One of my recurring ones. And then suddenly, out of the blue, I hear a (actually very nice-sounding) male voice say: “I’m here.”

At the same time, my room’s lights turn on. As in on-on. Bright on. Enough to wake me up and say “What the hell?!”

So there I am, completely awake, sitting on my bed. There’s no one there. And we live in a old house with wooden floors. If someone had walked into my room to turn the light on, I would have heard.

And then… Nothing. No shadows. No cold spots. No feelings of dread. The one cat who’d remained on the bed with me kept right on sleeping. So it was just me, wondering who the “I” from “I’m here.” was supposed to be.

I got up and turned off the light, checked the time on my phone and got back in bed. And wondered… and wondered… and wondered…

Because see, I don’t think this was a ghost. I know how ghosts feel.

There was nothing creepy except for the pure weirdness of it all.

And nothing as shocking as realizing that sometimes, the unexplained can really be obvious about letting us know they exist.

So… Thoughts? What do YOU think this was?

And in case you’re wondering what all this has to do with IWSG: 
This writer is about to go sleep in the same room…

32 thoughts on “IWSG: What. The. Hell…..?!

  1. I think doing what you can do for the best of the year and not stressing over it too much is best.

    Freaky experience! I've heard voices and have seen things before. I do wonder if the light switch could have been off but still on. Like in the middle or however your light switches are. We have one in my bathroom that even when you do it off, it sometimes stays on or sometimes pops back on, even though the switch is down/off.

  2. The scariest bit of your post for me was “Because see, I don't think this was a ghost. I know how ghosts feel.” That last sentence. GAH!!!! Goosebumps! OK, the light coming on by itself wigged me out, too.

    Maybe you're clairaudient and hear things yet-to-be-uttered-to-you-by-a-particular-person? OR, possibly a benevolent being of some sort, aiming to relieve you of your night terror???

  3. Maybe your subconcious turned it on when you let the cat out and didn't bother letting you know?

    Night terrors must suck, I have vivid dreams alot but for the most part they're okay unless I'm stressed out and then have to sleep through the worst realities :$ And yay for November flus! I have one that just won't budge gah

  4. That was really weird. I have no suggestions and no similar experiences. But I would be very scared to sleep in that room. Of course, perhaps your muse is telling you he's there to help you write all this out in a horror novel.

    Hope you're feeling better now.

  5. I've experienced the Voice of someone I didn't know similar to what you described. For me, it was a woman with a somewhat obvious mythical possibility. Her voice woke me from a deep sleep. I don't think I have night terrors, but I do have terrible nightmares. They're bad enough for me to avoid sleeping from time to time. With the woman who spoke to me, it wasn't like I heard her with my ears: it rang through my whole body, like a bell or the way a cannon thumps on the chest. Also no cold spots, no ghostly feel, but it made a strong impression. For years–even now–when I meet new people I try to figure out if theirs is the voice.

  6. Sorry that you have night terrors. At least whatever it was didn't want to hurt you. I had a less lucky experience.

    I was a teen and one night I woke up and went to the bathroom. When I got back to my room I heard something calling me from outside. The voice sounded like my brother and wanted me to open my bedroom window. Curious I stepped to my bedroom doorway and saw that my brother's door was closed and I had the distinct feeling that he was still in there. Plus my father who had fallen asleep in the living room hadn't woken (right by my bedroom door) and he is a light sleeper. I went back and told this voice I wouldn't open the window. Details get fuzzy but I recall it got upset and next thing I knew an invisible force attacked me and as I lost consciousness I begged God to help me. When I woke up it was daytime and I told my mother about it and she believed me. See I don't remember my dreams when I go to sleep (99.99% of the time). Plus I knew I was awake. Definitely a close encounter I will always remember.

  7. Hahaha yes! Believe it or not, there's definitely some sort of story ruminating about all this, but I'm not sure where to go with it, though. Horror doesn't seem quite right, though.

    I slept very peacefully the night after. And now that I know what I know, I kinda hope/wish it would happen again.

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