Update Day

Well. Short story is that I haven’t done a single thing towards my writing/editing goals this month. Shoes are controlling my life! So much so that I’m literally stealing a few minutes just so I can post this update.

Still, this won’t be going on.

First thing I want to do: Finish Critiquing Alex.
Second Thing: Finish edits to The Heir’s Choice. 
Third Thing: Survive the next month on both edits and the shoes.

How did your August go?


18 thoughts on “Update Day

  1. The shoes are also very important, and we all need to let real life take precedence now and again. I didn't get far this month either, and next month I'm moving house, so I guess that's gonna be a wash-out too!

  2. Hopefully the shoes are taking over with your permission! Always remember that it's OK to change your goals and shift your focus, as long as you're the one in charge 🙂

  3. Hi, Misha. It sounds like your shoe business is keeping you quite busy. I hope you are able to find the balance to your new business, writing, and home. Sending good thoughts. : )

  4. Shoes are a great distraction!!! But it does sound as if you are getting back on track. My August had me writing frantically before my part time teaching gig began. I've taught two out of three classes so far and I have wonderful students, so it's worth the time away from writing. Just have to make sure I set aside time for myself.

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