A brief break from my hiatus

So… seems I just can’t stay away from blogging. Yep. Officially, this blog is still on hiatus, but I’m sitting here on a Saturday night, writing this blog post.


Not sure. Really, that’s what I am right now. Unsure. I’ve set everything aside temporarily in order to get my new business off the ground, and I feel like that’s going well. And yet…

I’m coming to that point where everything feels out of whack. I know why. I’m a writer. Writers write. When they’re not writing, they’re thinking of what they’re going to write. Except… my business hasn’t afforded me that luxury since the middle of July.

And it’s starting to make me feel crummy.

Yet, to me it’s not currently just a matter of opening a notebook/document and writing and/or editing. No, because truthfully, I’m addicted to writing. Right now, I’m starting to go into withdrawals.

That’s why I’m writing this. Because I know if I start working on some of my fiction, it’s going to consume my thoughts and right now, my thoughts and creativity have to go into making my business work. Because this business will fund all my publishing plans if it works. So a short term sacrifice of writing time is worth it.

But at the same time, my muse seems to be singing a siren’s song, calling me to work on something, anything that involves crafting a story.

At the same time, putting my thoughts and feelings into words is so gratifying that I can’t help wanting to do more and more of it. Which is making me realize that I have to find a way to get some writing or editing time into my schedule.

But how to do it without completely burning myself out?

13 thoughts on “A brief break from my hiatus

  1. You do have a lot on your plate. But maybe writing only a few words a day, or at least your ideas will be good. If you miss writing, I would suggest writing, but perhaps limiting yourself to the amount and the type of project for the moment while your main focus is your business. Always wishing you the best.

  2. Misha, considering I also just sent you a manuscript to critique, I really hope it won't fry you completely. Write just a little bit, even fifteen minutes a day. You have to stop and eat – write during a meal break.

  3. Oh gosh… if you figure it out, will you tell me the secret??? :/

    Being unsettled yet wanting to work is the worst… and trying to find that balance… sigh… I hear you. ❤

  4. You might need to take a day just for you. Even if it's just a few hours to plop down with your writing to spill the words that want out. Then you can return to work energized, and you'll have stirred the creative juices to improve your work project!

  5. I've heard more than one author encourage other writers to write at least one page a day; it only takes a few minutes, and in one year you have 365 pages, which is a fairly lengthy novel. And good luck with the business!

  6. You definitely have to stay focused on the thing that's going to provide you a living, but the day is long. I say set aside some time each evening as a reward for all your hard work. Seriously–even if it's only 10 minutes.

  7. Just checking in to see how you are doing. I hope the business is getting off the ground and that you are squeezing in a bit of writing in those rare moments of peace. You are a true writer, itching to get into a story all the time 🙂 After this break you will be more productive than ever. Part of your brain is secretly filing away all of your experiences for later inspiration.

  8. You probably needed a break from the business and this was the perfect way to have it. Short writing. Brief connecting. Shaking loose some kinks that have developed.

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