This was supposed to be my goal update post, but…

Okay I have a bit of a confession to make. Yesterday when I said my weekend was “rough”, I was in a big bad hurry, and I didn’t really think through what “rough” actually meant to people who didn’t know what I really meant. 

In reality, what’s been going on is this, and in reality, it’s freaking awesome. 
I’m in the process of starting a company importing shoes into my country, and I’m the only person in my country who’s allowed to import those shoes. This little detail kicked in last Monday, and as a result, I’ve been putting in 18 hour work days Monday to Friday. 
Which means that last week, I only wrote Saturday and Sunday. And then, although I worked all day and busted my butt doing it, I was still behind on my goal. Hence the “rough. 18 hour work days in the week plus 18 hour writing sessions over the weekend. 
Well. I’ve realized that this is just nuts. So I wrote this post about it at Untethered Realms, and thought I’d let you all know what’s going on. 
Basically, the 18 hour work days aren’t permanent, but they’re prevalent at the moment. However I’m hoping to normalize to my usual work schedule by the end of this month. Basically, I’m just pulling double time to get business plans and our business model nailed down. Once that’s done, I’m solid. 
But until then, I won’t really be blogging. I will post the guest posts I’ve scheduled, and if I have an arrangement with you for critting (I’m looking at you, Alex and any of my other existing CPs who have books that need to be critiqued), I have time for that. 
Blogging… not so much. 
I WILL be back at the end of the month, though. If only to say hi. 
But the thing is that I realized that as awesome as blogging is (and I truly do love it), this business I’m starting up will open SUCH wonderful doors that I can’t gripe about blogging/writing time. Because in the long run, it will provide me with blogging/writing time AND money. 
Thanks all for understanding! X

20 thoughts on “This was supposed to be my goal update post, but…

  1. I have to realize how different South Africa is from America. I don't know how specialized those shoes are, but it astonishes me you're the only one allowed to import them.

  2. That is awesome news, Misha. After all the rough times you've been through, more “rough” did not sound like a good thing, but this is a good kind of crazy! I hope things settle down in due course onto a successful path for you.

  3. Good luck! I know that working for yourself can be crazy rewarding, but also crazy hard. And yes, at some point, should things go well, you'll have the time you need for all your endeavors.

  4. Congratulations on the new venture! This really is great news. Best of luck in getting the details solidified and settling into a new routine. No worries about blogging; we understand and we'll be here when you get back!

  5. Well, it sounds like some exciting news. Really happy for you and definitely understand you only have so many hours in the day. Good luck. Let us know how it goes when you can.

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