Michelle Dennis Evans: Friendships Anonymous

Hello, my name is Michelle Dennis Evans and I have friendship challenges…

The topic of friendship has challenged me over and over throughout my life. So what does every writer do when they are challenged by a topic? Explore it through their characters.

While writing you can rewrite a scene to get it right, but in real life we only get one go at each scene, each moment, each conversation.

I am continually checking myself on how I treat friends. I don’t call enough, I don’t email, snail mail, communicate enough. I rely too heavily on social media. When I meet someone new, do I lean in and get to know who they are under the surface? How do I celebrate the friends who are in my life now? Could I celebrate them and honour them more?

One reason I stopped phoning people was because it became too hard while my kids were little, now I find my youngest is six and can cope with me closing a door while on the phone but I’m out of the habit. I home school so going out with a friend mid week just never really happens because I have my kids with me nearly twenty-four-seven. At times I avoid going out at night because that’s my writing time. Sometimes it seems like a casual meet up at the park of surface chatter is as good as it gets.

I see a new season coming. After spending nearly fourteen years breading, growing, educating and celebrating our delightful kiddies, I’m coming to a new stage of life. I’m ready to take friendships back and invest into them like I once did. But if for some reason that season doesn’t come quick enough, I’ll continue to explore friendship through my characters.

Where are you in the friendship cycle?

Friendship is one of the main themes in my YA Contemporary Spiralling books. In Spiralling Out of Control, Stephanie moves away from her best friend but continues to lean on her for support. In book two, Spiralling Out of the Shadow, we see the parallel story of Stephanie’s best friend, Tabbie and what it was like for her to be so loyal and relied up so heavily.

Set for paperback release July 19th

For you chance to win an kindle copy of either Spiralling Out of Control or Spiralling Out of the Shadow please leave a comment.

Ebooks of Spiralling Out of Control and Spiralling Out of the Shadow available now here- http://www.michelledennisevans.com/p/books.html

Connect with Michelle here – http://www.michelledennisevans.com/p/contact_4.html

Thanks for visiting, Michelle! Anyone else want to do a guest post? Please click here for more info. In particular, I please please please need someone who’d like to post on Monday,  11 August? 

Thanks! How was your weekend? Mine was a bit rough, but more on that tomorrow. 😉

13 thoughts on “Michelle Dennis Evans: Friendships Anonymous

  1. I have a lot of friends, but few I hang out with regularly. I think I'm allergic to phone conversations though.

    If you don't get any takers for August 11th, I'll help out, Misha!

  2. I used to find time to write (snail mail) to faraway friends, but that has shamefully dropped by the wayside. I blame the convenience of email, which turns into procrastination (because, hey, I can drop a few line any time I want) which turns into neglect.

    Misha, sorry to hear you're still having a rough time 😦

  3. The books sound great. Friendship is an important theme. I am in about the same place as you are in my “friendship cycle.” It's crazy how things can change and revolve throughout life! Thanks for sharing!

  4. This book sounds wonderful, I love the theme of friendship. I understand how friendships can be put on the back burner during the time of raising young children, and how that can be painful. Now that mine are older I am also spending more time with old and new friends and it is very rewarding.

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