Today at Unicorn Bell

Hey all! Today’s my last day at Unicorn Bell, and since I took a break yesterday (thanks, migraine), I thought I’d write about the necessity of breaks.

How are you all doing?

9 thoughts on “Today at Unicorn Bell

  1. I'm preparing a couple of pitches for a writers conference (at an unstated date, since it's not a good idea to announce to burglars when I won't be home). I'll have to boil down to a minute what I worked on for over a year.

  2. Glad your migraine has departed.
    My writing is slow but steady. Did get news that one of my novels will be translated into Spanish, which is pretty neat.
    Clicking on over to the Unicorn Bell.

  3. Hey Misha,

    I hope you're feeling much better now. Breaks are vital. How are you all doing? All of me is fine, thank you.

    Try and have a relaxed weekend.

    Gary 🙂

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