Update Day

Hey all! Welcome to yet another update day! It’s scary to think that next month we’ll be half-way through the year.

For those of you who don’t know, I have a list here of people who have big goals and every month, we update each other and the world on how we’re doing. Anyone’s welcome to join, so do go sign up! 
So how did I do? 
Basically, I gave up on doing any edits this month about half-way through, since my mind just wouldn’t fall into line. So instead I got back to doing needlepoint with my writing music blaring in the background. And I did farm-related work (of course, being my job). Also, I pretty much got into the car whatever opportunity I got to escape for a few hours. 
You’d think I’d be here saying that once again, I got absolutely nothing done. 
You’d be wrong. This month I finished cleaning up The Vanished Knight for publishing and revised nine chapters (out of 26) of The Heir’s Choice. 

So, still not at last year’s levels of productivity, but hey, I’ll get there. At least I can say I got started. 
Hopefully I’ll be able to finish this round of revisions within the next two weeks. If I do, I definitely want to get some drafting in. It’s way past time. 
Which means, my year (past and planned) looks like this: 
How are you doing? 

22 thoughts on “Update Day

  1. I still baby blankets to finish for my two younger boys. I'm a bad mom (and I was too busy when they were born to needlepoint)

    I think you've done quite well getting stuff back on track after the publishing nightmare.

  2. Great job, Misha!! I put the editing aside to focus on my current wip. I always slow down a bit in summer. I set my short story writing aside as well. It's tough to keep up with one project let alone 3 during this time of year.

  3. Wow! I love that chart. It looks so awesome and organized.

    And moving forward is always a good thing, even if it might be slightly slower progress than we had intended. Way to go!

  4. That's a great spreadsheet. Sounds like you got a ton of work done, but also balanced that with getting out and living, which is equally important. Get through that editing so you can draft. It's a nice carrot to dangle. I've been drafting lately and it is so fun!

  5. Taking breaks is so important, and when you can continue being creative while taking a writing break, all the better. I'm a walker. When I feel stuck, or need to get my head back into line, I always find a long walk works best. No doubt you'll hit June refreshed and ready.

  6. I have felt unmotivated for a long time. But in June I feel a burst of adrenaline coming back in, so hopefully it will stick. 😉 I've done more in these first 2 days of June than I did in most of May. 😛

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