I’m still alive. Just… not really in a place where I’m finding something to blog about. I mean, I already discussed my goals at length, as well as the fact that I’m struggling to get myself back on track. 

This not being able to get on track is still getting to my blogging, since my life’s not helping me generate new content. I mean… there’s only so many times I can say “I’m struggling” without sounding like a broken record. 
I’m not putting the blog on hiatus, though. I’m just going to be sporadic about my posts until I’m back into my groove. Because yes, my writing and edits have to come first every time. 
I will be trying to get to more blog visits, though.

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  1. This is the reason why I've been slacking on my blog a lot this year. I feel bad about being so sporadic, but, like Alex said, I don't want it to feel like a job. I already have one of those; I don't need another one.

    Writing and editing definitely come first.

    So, like Karen said, take care of yourself.

  2. Blogging is supposed to be something that we love doing, there are no rules and people who judge us for doing it our own way are not worth thinking about. I hope you'll find back into your groove whenever the time is right and we'll still be here waiting for you.

  3. Take care of yourself, Misha. I found that blogging only a couple times a month (sometimes less…) works for my crazy life. We'll all understand if you decide to pace yourself differently. Good luck with everything you have going on!

  4. Make the most of your non-blog/writing time and you'll find things coming into your path, many unexpected. Take a moment and see them…let them go if they don't fit…and find something else that brings you a smile. Good luck.

  5. Goodness, do I know what you mean! I've had to cut back to just blogging or commenting on Wednesdays–for sanity's sake. Selling a house and making sure it's immaculate is tough enough, but closing out the kid's school year, edits, revisions and working on a new project are more than enough to keep me out of mischief. Or addictive online games. Here's to surviving through the tough stuff!

  6. Hope you find your groove again soon! Sometimes, a break from blogging can allow us to really refresh our writing. Take as much time as you need to recharge those batteries.

  7. Misha, I'm new to your blog but will be following to see if you are meeting your goals=)
    And hey, we all need breaks every now and then.. especially when it comes to our writing and edits. Good luck with everything and I hope to see you come back soon to your blogging.. with more ideas, of course!

  8. This is a great time to take a bloggy break because everyone is burnt out from A-Z anyway. Give yourself time to just read, perhaps. Also, I find that my blog posts that aren't about writing usually get more hits than the ones that are, funnily enough.

  9. I can always come up with something to blog about but the time factor sometimes precludes doing all the social networking aspects. I'm considering some cutbacks. I've already started experimenting with shorter posts, but that doesn't dismiss the fact that I should be making visitation rounds. Let the creative spirit lead you.

    A Faraway View

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