As you know, I’m a very goal orientated person. (And if you’re new to my blog, my blog title alone refers to my five year goal.)

I have short term and medium term goals, set out because they’re what I do want to see done. Because I know that I want to succeed at this writing thing, and so I put down goals that I believe will act as paving stones to possible success.

However, the thing with goals can be that I forget to be flexible. Sure, I think I’ll still see and jump for an opportunity when I see one, but right now, I’m being almost unforgiving toward myself about my goals.

I mean… I’ve excepted that most of what I planned to achieve will have to be shifted to next year. However, I still plan to publish three books before December. One’s done (Birds vs Bastards). One needs to be cleaned up for re-publishing (The Vanished Knight) and one needs to be revised and edited (The Heir’s Choice).

And… well… I still haven’t finished cleaning up TVK. It’s become this huge thing in my mind that it’s half way through May and I didn’t finish what I’d set out to do in April. But then I sat back and thought.

I spent the better part of four months out of the groove. Getting back into it isn’t just going to happen right now. It takes getting used to.

So as of now, I am still actively editing, but I’m giving myself permission to rest when I want to, at least until I’m officially back in the swing of things.

How are you doing?


25 thoughts on “Introspection

  1. Glad to hear you are giving yourself a break, Misha. For me, goals set me up for failure. Instead, I set intention. That tells me I'm going to do my best to make it happen.

  2. I am doing okay. End of the school year requires a lot more focus, lessons, grading, working with students struggling at the end, etc. This cuts into writing time, along with all of my other responsibilities, including two other part time jobs, not counting writing.

    Making a reasonable plan/set of goals, and then sticking to it is key to moving forward. Goals aren't set in stone, short term and medium term goals are good mile markers to keep on pace for the long haul.

    Hang in there and focus on getting back into your groove, Misha!

  3. Setting goals should be a positive thing to motivate us in a fruitful direction. Yeah, I say that like I actually live it. I often need to tell myself – or have an amazing writer friend remind me – that life happens around me while I write. Things will get in the way. I've set a goal and it's okay to deviate a little. That doesn't erase my end goal. ((hugs)) Misha ….

  4. Goals can be a great motivator, but when it comes to publishing, it's good to be flexible! I have monthly and yearly goals, but I try to re-evaluate every so often if something happens that keeps me from achieving short-term goals.

    I definitely think it's worth giving yourself a break after everything you went through over the last few months. You're doing great! πŸ™‚

  5. I think, at least for me, one of the signs of my maturity is learning to be flexible, in general– with people, with expectations, and yes, with goals. Sounds like you are making it work for you.

  6. Don't know. I wanted to finish Rifters 2 by end of this month. I'm 20K in, @ 1/3 done. I must seriously put the pedal to the metal. I must get to 60K and I must contact my editor for a deadline. Must.

  7. I'm revising my one short project, rewriting my second book, and writing another. I finished another short project I'm letting sit for a while and then I'll edit that while the first is out.

  8. Goals are important, but so is understanding yourself and where you are, and changing those goals when needed. It sounds like you're doing a pretty awesome job at both πŸ™‚

  9. I'm getting better at considering why I missed a goal. If I've been sluffing off, I need to kick myself in the butt. But if I've been sticking with it and just miscalculated how long a task would take to do correctly, then I need to adjust the goal.

  10. I'm okay. I'm currently determined to get all my student's grades out of my hair before I finish formatting Champion in Flight for release early June – kind of crazy, but I think I can get the job done today.

  11. Wow, three books! I'm impressed. I'm still toiling away on my dissertation, though I plan to do a lot more fiction writing once summer break finally starts. I feel like I'll have a lot fewer headaches once I can finally write chapters that don't have seventy-five footnotes in them.

  12. Goals are all right if you know there aren't going to be any distractions, otherwise it can be very frustrating when your plans are thwarted by things beyond your control. I'm plagued by everything out of my control at the moment – hence no particular goal. I'm happy if I can write a page each day.
    Here's to you getting back into your groove, Misha.

  13. Hi, Misha,

    It's so admirable what you are doing, however be careful not to burn out. If you do, then you'll become overwhelmed and accomplish nothing. Do give yourself that much needed break.

    As for me. I FINALLY finished the FINAL edits of my second novel. I am thrilled. Betas are returning it with HIGH praise, so of course I am beyond thrilled. For my agenda today I plan on sending out a few queries… A blogger pal of mine just tweaked it for me and I believe it will get some attention. At least I hops so.

    Have a great weekend!

  14. I'm in perpetual goal setting and resetting. Sometimes it's better for me to be flexible instead of rigid about what I want to accomplish. I think given yourself permission to kick back is a good idea. I find I make more mistakes when I don't do that.

  15. It's good to give yourself a break. Now if I could only remember that in relation to myself! I have a self-imposed deadline looming for the end of this month, and I might not make it. I'm trying to be okay with it, but it's difficult. Hope you have a great weekend. πŸ™‚

  16. Always important to take breaks when we need them! I hope the editing goes well- I am in the middle of edits now too. They can be draining- but worth it in the end. πŸ™‚ Wishing you the best of luck!

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