A bit of a depressed update day…

I can’t believe that we’re at the end of April already. Because it’s the last Friday of this month, it’s Update Day for my bloghop. 

Basically, we’re just a group of people with some big, crazy or even crazy important goals, and once a month we get together to update everyone on how we’re doing. Please feel free to click here for more information. 
So… How did I do? 
Mmm… drafting wise, I’m yet to add any significant amounts of words to my projects. I pretty much spent half the month being too messed up to write (because of the dispute I had going on with my publishing house), and the remainder recovering from being messed up. I did write quite a bit, though, but nothing related to my goals. 
However, I did finish editing Birds vs Bastards and my short story for the Untethered Realms anthology. So I can’t really say I achieved nothing. I’m glad for that, because two months of being unproductive would just have been depressing. 
But speaking of depressing. I’ve had to take a nice long look at my timeline for this year. Basically, the four months being f*cked around by my publishing house means that I’ll basically be able to achieve almost nothing of what I wanted. 
I understand that I had set steep goals and I was never going to get everything done, but… I would have liked if the four months of nearly blank squares everywhere was due to me say… doing something fun like catching up on series or work (yep, I love working on the farm) or anything else of that sort. But… no. Mainly the reason why I did almost nothing was that my mind had been put through the blender, and my emotions wrung out by my publishing house. 
So. The current timeline looks like this:
I’m going to have to edit book two in my War of Six Crowns Series (Wo6C2) in June, when it was supposed to be finished already. Which means I can’t even rewrite Wo6C3 until much later this year. Which means I can’t even start writing Wo6C4 at all. 
It also means that none of the books I wanted to finish drafting by June have even truly been started yet. And that means that the second batch of drafts I wanted to do this year is postponed to the last four months. Rewrites? Half of them had to be postponed until next year just so that I can get my priority projects almost done. 
So yeah. I’m NOT a happy camper. Not by any stretch of the imagination. 
Right now, I’m just hoping that things’ll fall into place easily once I get back into some sort of groove. Right now, that’s the only chance I’ll have to achieve any except for one of the goals I set for this year. Who knows? It could happen, right? 
The lucky thing is that my $7500 goal is only deadlined for 2018. So anything I get done this year still goes towards that. I just HATE that it’ll be such a measly amount. 
How are your goals coming along?

27 thoughts on “A bit of a depressed update day…

  1. Since those four months are gone, there is nothing to do but press forward. Even though you didn't achieve your goals during that time YOU LEARNED SO MUCH. And that is not nothing. That is valuable stuff that will make you a better writer (in the long run) and you will be smarter with each book you publish.

  2. Well, you've been by my blog so you know . . . not enough! Agh!
    However, I have to echo Robin – you gained knowledge and experience and although that may not have been one of your goals, you should write it down somehow as an accomplishment. You have accomplished being true to your dream!
    Your goals are amazing, and you have the ability to complete them. (maybe not that fourth one, but hey, you can revise them and make the ones that make sense after these last four months).

  3. It could happen! I think your determination will definitely help you achieve your goals. The timeline might have been slightly skewed, but I think you can still make it to $7500. And as others have said, your experience is invaluable.

  4. I'm really behind as well and it is frustrating, the year has not started the way I wanted it to at all. I can't believe it's almost May. I'm sorry though for all you have been through with your publisher – I hope now that you have your rights back that you will be able to focus on your writing again and have a super-productive rest of the year.

  5. I guess we're in the same situation. I spent months dealing with my publisher. It was a mess and too time consuming. Then there was a huge family debacle and now I'm trying to find a way to get organized again. Keep dog paddling. I'm in the sea next you. Hope to get some goals set soon.

  6. I went through a really bad fall, and I'm still going through some of it. I don't talk about it online but something happened that really has me upset and I'm not sure it can be fixed. It definitely affected my writing. I'm just getting my writing back on track. I think we all go through periods like this from time to time, as unfortunate as it is. You aren't alone.

  7. Take it easy on yourself Misha. Remember that all the planning in the world doesn't guarantee you will be able to complete those plans because… life has a way of getting in the way. Remember to breathe.

  8. Hi Misha,

    Sometimes, as best you can, you have to distance yourself from things. You put too much pressure on your good self. Being structured and disciplined is one thing, your over well being is what really matters.

    Please, just take some time out for YOU.

    Wishing you a peaceful weekend, dear Misha.


  9. I finished book 2 of a series I'm working on, and I'm taking a short break from writing to regroup. That phase is always scary as I DO need a break, but not too long. I wish you all the best for your writing goals.

  10. Sorry to hear you've been having such a rough time. It sucks when you can see yourself slipping behind schedule. I really hope you get your groove back soon and manage to surprise yourself with your productivity. Best of luck for May x

  11. I think the problem with goals is they don't always allow for life. Sounds like an adjustment is needed with your expectations of your self and your writing. Life comes in waves– you have to surf what you're given in the moment (like the stuff with your book contract).

  12. Ugh, you did get so derailed for a while. I'm with Alex, though: don't beat yourself up! You handled a terrible situation with determination and grace, and you WILL get there!

  13. I hope you find your groove again very soon. I had a lot going on at the beginning of the month, but I managed to push through my fourth draft revisions. Now as the manuscript is with betas, I can write up a synopsis and polish my query letter. Two things I definitely do not like doing!

  14. Sounds like things have been tough. Sorry to hear that. I hope it starts looking up soon! Delays happen, I guess. Maybe it'll be for the best. There was a movie that was supposed to come out in the summer, and it got pushed back to November. It broke the record for November ticket sales. Had it of come out in the summer, that might not have happened. So, maybe your lucky troll is just messing with things- looks bad at first, but then there's the pot of gold. Who knows.


  15. Hey, I'm impressed with your fancy colored chart! Being so organized in your goals is worth being proud of.

    Since life derailed your initial goals for the year, don't keep measuring yourself against them — set a brand new slate of achievable goals for the rest of this year and rejoice when you smash right through them, okay?

  16. I'm sorry things haven't gone as you planned. Many times I find my goals falling short of what I've planned. I have come to understand that I ALWAYS set my goals too high. That can be a good thing; it can also be frustrating! As said in the comments above, perhaps a re-evaluation of goals could help shift the depression to determination?

    Best of luck to you! I certainly hope things smooth out for you soon, especially the issues with your publishing house.


  17. Ahhh, I hear ya! I have been completely unproductive until a few days ago when I started rewriting a novel and taking it in a completely different direction. It's exciting, but frustrating when I can't find the time to do it!

    So sorry to hear about all the problems with your publisher and not achieving your goals. It is hard to pull ourselves out of that rut sometimes, huh. I've been feeling that way for a few months myself. Here's to a more productive future!! 🙂

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