Thank you.

Thanks all for your support and understanding!

I have taken down yesterday’s post based on some advice I received, but to those of you who need to talk (you know who you are). Don’t hesitate to contact me.


19 thoughts on “Thank you.

  1. I need to check back to see if I had ever posted the cover. I think I did at some point..

    All the best, Misha. Do you plan on self publishing now? I do cover design if you need one created for you.

  2. Hi Misha,

    Upon reflection, you did what was best. Now, you move forward with hope and inspiration.

    Likewise, you know I'm always discreetly in the background if you ever wish to contact me.

    Please have a peaceful weekend, Misha.


  3. Thanks!

    I wouldn't say I'm that scared away. Just for the series. See… I spent almost seven years on it. It's got hours stolen from my studies, hours given because it was the only thing keeping me sane at the time…

    Painful hours spent grappling with a huge story that I wasn't sure I'd be able to write.

    And to give up my hold on it again… I can't. I just really can't.

    But I am submitting an unrelated book to some digital imprints of big publishing houses. 🙂

  4. Add me to your list of supporters for your re-release blog tour or whatever you decide to do. Maybe you should post anonymously on Absolute Write Water Cooler or elsewhere to warn folks about your experience. I totally get why you probably shouldn't trash a publisher on your blog.

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