Wherein I’m going to the mattresses.


So I waited out this thing with my publisher as far as I’m willing to risk it.

That’s actually why I didn’t return to blogging last week as promised. I was staring at my computer screen, growing my ulcer, screwing up my happy hormones… and checking my e-mails like an obsessive compulsive.  
And after a week, no reply from my publisher on something so serious it makes me nauseous just to think about.

So… I’m taking action. I’m actively screening IP attorneys, so if you know any good ones, let me know.

What’s pushing me to this? Well. That’s a nice, long story deserving of a nice long post. Which I will write and publish when 1) I’ve gotten the legal advice I need and 2) when it’s not April, because really, I want as many people out there as possible to give me their full attention. To help them learn from this horrible experience I’m going through with my publishing house.

And yes. It is horrible. It’s destructive, and it’s currently sucking my soul, more than being sick and being exhausted combined.

I will let something good come out of this. Even if the good ends up being for someone else’s benefit. 

And for those of you who pray:

1) Please pray I get the right person to act as my legal representation.
2) And pray that this ends up being a clean cut for me.

23 thoughts on “Wherein I’m going to the mattresses.

  1. You are always so grand about sharing your info an knowledge…I am just sorry that this lesson is so painful and upsetting for you to learn on our behalf.

  2. I'll pray for you! I'm so sorry that you're going through this right now, and I'm sorry that it's so stressful. I hope that you do find the right lawyer, and I hope that he or she can make things better for you. Shame on that publisher!

  3. I don't know why the biggest learning experiences always have to be so painful. I really would like to get the lesson JUST ONCE without bleeding all over the floor for it.

    Prayers for you!!!

  4. I'm so sorry. Get yourself a good entertainment law or publishing law lawyer. Another good resource for information is Ivan Hoffman's site – ivanhoffman.com. I'll be praying you get it sorted out.

  5. It will all end up OK, Misha. A friend of mine severed ties with a big publisher over something less. So, it can be done. Keep strong and keep writing. 🙂

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