And… she’s back.

So… Yesterday had me in a bit of a slump. But fortunately for me, I have more than one horse in the race at the moment.

Which is good, because this lady’s getting herself an agent.

Oh stop groaning. I know you’ve heard all this before. But really. The one upside to having worked with the editor who’d quit is that I’ve learned a lot more about writing and the craft than I thought possible.

In fact. *whispers* I even know why agents didn’t look at Doorways back then.

This time. This time I’m not making the same mistakes. I’m making new ones, but hopefully smaller ones, that’ll have an agent interested in the new work.

But for now, I’m copy-editing like a fiend. My draft query is written and I’m working on that.

Soon, lovelies, soon, I shall cry like a girlΒ take over the world!

No. I’m totally not on uppers or anything.


And now… home made pizza! O_O

Who’s joining the query trenches with me?

23 thoughts on “And… she’s back.

  1. You will do whatever you set your mind on, and I'll help.

    Glad you learned something useful. The only truly bad experiences are those where nothing is learned or gained.

  2. I was in the query trenches in November and December. I hope your time in them is as short as mine was the second time around. I think knowing more really helps you fine tune your manuscript and your query list to find that perfect match. Good luck!

  3. Best of luck with the agent search, Misha. I traveled that path on and off for close to two decades. I'm done with it. It disappoints me every time. Hope to hear good news from you, though!

  4. You go, girl! I may have mentioned this already, but I landed my agent after another agent asked me to completely change it from a YA to a MG. I did all that work and he rejected me. The book was better by then, and I knew it, so I sent it to an agent that really impressed me..and she agreed to represent me. I ended up with a better agent than the guy who had asked me to revise it. Sometimes rejection is a good thing!

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