Now I know.

Remember when I said something bad was happening and I couldn’t put my finger on it?

Turned out I was right. My editor quit over Christmas, due to ill-health. I only found out today.

I’m shocked and sad. And a little upset. I’d chosen loyalty to her over the other publishing house… But… thinking back, she did warn me to base my decision on something else. Maybe she suspected she wouldn’t be able to see the project through.

I’m a bit scared too, since I now have to work with a new editor. I don’t even know who it’ll be. I also don’t know when the new editor will be assigned to my project.

So all in all, it’s bad news for me (even if I understand my current editor’s motivations), but it’s not as bad as I thought it could be.

I just wish I knew sooner.

At least I know now.


30 thoughts on “Now I know.

  1. This is a sad situation, but you'll get through. Someone wise said once: “This too will pass.” He was right: it will. And 5 years from now, you'll laugh about it.

  2. I can understand how upsetting this could be for you, Misha. Especially when it sounds like you've been working effectively with an editor. Having someone you don't know editor your words can be tense. Sending you positive thoughts.

  3. Hi Misha,

    It's a shame that your editor had to stop due to ill health. Now, despite this, you will find the positive out of what can seem a negative.

    Gary ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Writing careers often have difficult twists and turns. I've known several authors whose careers have prospered despite and even because of getting new editors. I strongly suspect you'll see it through and bring along positive results.

  5. Fingers crossed that your new editor is great, that you feel is right for your work, and that you get along with. It will work out, as things always do. Hope your old editor's health gets better. Hugs to you, I understand the disappointment and frustration.

  6. My editor was changed halfway through the edits on my first book, and it turned out to be a great thing, because I've built a fantastic relationship with the editor who took over, to the point where writing a book no longer feels like something I do alone, but something I do in collaboration with her.

    Things can often work out better, despite initial upset.

  7. I agree with Karen. Did you read her most recent blog on Acceptance? If not, this might be a good time to pop over there and give it a read.

    It will all be okay. In the end, it really will.

  8. Change is always scary, but you usually learn something in the process. Hopefully the new editor will be even better and bring a fresh eye to your work. It could definitely be a good thing.

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