Arranging Furniture in My Head: How I Plan to Get My Writing Done

So… some of you have read my goals for the year. If you had, you might have realized that my writing goals alone are pretty nuts.

I did too. So to prove to myself that it’s theoretically possible, I made a visual timeline of my projects. This is what I came up with:

Yeah. It’s even more daunting in visual. Each of the colored blocks stand for when I should ideally be done with something. Except for the red. Submissions can take a year in themselves.

Still, in theory, it’s possible. In fact, it might even be likely. And this is how I plan to do it:


First priority is The Heir’s Choice, which is the first title on the list. It’s sequel is third, because I need to sort out editing on THC before I start rewriting. That way, I’ll cut down on some work. I also gave myself ample time in which I can do the rewriting.

Anyway. Birds vs Bastards is second at the moment. Second means that whenever I’m waiting for my editor, I’m editing BvB. And when I go down the list, my current rough drafts are the next things I want to work on this month. Last is a bit for an anthology, because I want to submit, but it’s not part of my goals this year. Also, I SUCK at short stories most of the time.

Really. I do. I’ve thought up three awesome ideas since reading the brief, and all of them are too big to fit into 5k words. :-/

But I digress.

The timeline I set isn’t set in stone. So if I want, I can put in another block for my rough drafts.  If I finish anything early or late, I can adjust the plan accordingly. At the moment, I’m feeling like BvB will be done ahead of schedules. I have some kick-ass crit partners who are reading through the chapters like fiends. (I’m saying this in the best possible way.)

Yesterday, I edited BvB and drafted 1000 words. So obviously, switching gears isn’t as tricky as it used to be. That will make things a ton easier. If I manage that every second day of a month, I’ll average 15k, which (to my timeline) adds up to 45k and more than enough words for me to finish all of my current rough drafts.

My only niggle is in the drafts I still have to start. (Light green blocks.) According to the current plan, I’ll be running multiple edits, at least one submission and a rewrite at any given time when I’m supposed to do a drafts.

Which brings me to my next point. This year won’t be one where I can spend too much time resting on my achievements. If I finish something, I need to get the next project going. It’s the only way I can make the timeline look more favorable.

Do you agree that this can be done?

I’ll update you regularly on how it’s going.


25 thoughts on “Arranging Furniture in My Head: How I Plan to Get My Writing Done

  1. Challenging goals are good, as long as you don't get discouraged if you don't meet them all. Good luck – and don't beat yourself up if some things take a little longer than planned.

  2. I think setting realistic goals is reasonable. I try not to be too rigid about what I need to get done–only to keep moving forward. Like you, I had a harder time shifting gears, but now I'm more flexible. Good luck!

  3. This will be the first year I juggle 2 projects at once. I'm drafting a sequel this month, then starting a totally different story in between. I'm overwhelmed, but taking it one day at a time.

    Good luck!!

  4. You mad a visual flowsheet!? I'm not sure if I'm impressed or terrified. Just kidding- good for you. I think it's awesome that people will sit down and figure stuff like this out. I don't, so at least someone does!

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