And so the heroine falls.

I’d really hoped it wouldn’t come to this, but I’m going on hiatus.

The plan is that I’ll link up to my guest posts every day as they go live, and put up guest posts etc. that I promised for other people. I will do my bloghop’s Update Day.

But otherwise, until mid-December or later, you probably won’t be seeing me.

The reason? We have to move house even sooner (on the 20th) which means my revision schedule, my NaNoWriMo plans… well… everything, actually, are screwed.

Something’s gotta give for the next two weeks, and since only my revisions are on contract, blogging and NaNo have to be it. Hopefully I’ll manage NaNo by some miracle, but if the past twelve days are an indication, things aren’t looking good.

The last straw came last night. A short trip on moving house errands turned into a seven hour one. I came home, I crashed, and I didn’t do a post, despite the fact that I know I should have.

So. It really sucks. I wanted to visit blogs and market my book etc. But life’s not working out that way at the moment.

I know a lot of you will be going on hiatus for the Christmas season. To you, I wish a wonderful time with your family and loved ones. May it be a blessed time.

To those of you who are sticking around through December, I’ll see you at the latest on the 24th, but hopefully much sooner.

In the meantime, if you want to check out some more interesting posts by me, I’m visiting Bradley, talking about my five-year-project, and Susanne, talking about the five Cs I use when writing good dialogue.


24 thoughts on “And so the heroine falls.

  1. Oh yeah — life has a way of interfering in the best-laid plans. I always liked that saying, “Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans.”

    Get your move accomplished, regroup, take some time to recharge your batteries, enjoy your family, catch a breath, and then come back to writing. And then — and only then — blogging. This should be fun — if it's a burden, you're doing it wrong. 🙂

    I hope everything goes great with all you've got to do, and that you get a little “you-time” in there, too! See ya in December!

  2. You've got to have a roof over your head and keep your living situation running smooth, or none of this writing and blogging stuff is possible.

    Plus, we all need a break from this now and then, and now you've got a good excuse for it. 🙂

    Good luck with the move! We'll be around when you get back.


  3. Trust me, I could be in the Witness Protection Plan for the amount of times I've moved, so I get your frustration.

    GOOD LUCK, get the move behind you and if you enjoy South African wine… don't forget to NOT pack it in a non-descript brown box 🙂

  4. Hi Misha,

    One thing at a time, my friend. After the stress of moving, you can get back into the groove. Your priority has to be your health. As for NaNo….um….

    Have some rest and see you when we see you.

    Gary 🙂

  5. That's more than OK – it's important. Take care of your life and yourself and we'll see you when you have time to come back, hopefully refreshed and refueled with a solid roof over your head.

  6. I feel you, Misha. Totally get it. Hiatus's are good for the soul–I hope you can realign and feel better and get your groove back soon! You're so amazing!

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