Insecure Writers Support Group

Funny how in a month where you’re constantly matching progress against the date, one can forget when it’s IWSG day.

Luckily for me, I have google + and saw someone else’s IWSG post.

For those of you who don’t know, the IWSG members use the first Wednesday of every month to share insecurities or encouragements. You can sign up here.

My big insecurity for November is… well… November. I don’t know why, but everything seems to be conspiring to keep me super busy this month.

For one thing, I need to pack for my move to a new home. Then there’s NaNo, marketing The Vanished Knight and revising its sequel. On top of that, I might have to fly to Europe again for business.

Talk about a schedule from hell. I can only knuckle down and keep going, hoping that I can get everything done. *gulp*

In the interest of that, I’ll stop now. I need to finish a few more sections of revisions before I can visit other people’s blogs.

What’s your November schedule looking like?


36 thoughts on “Insecure Writers Support Group

  1. I'll take your trip to Europe off your hands if you like. Even for work, I could use a trip. I have NaNo, searching for new job, new apartment, implementing beta suggestions to Another New Life. Easy month.
    Good luck, Misha. BTW, you still need stops on your blogtour, I am available on any Friday.

  2. My November is not planned out so it sounds as busy as yours. Right now a lot of my plans are kind of non-existent. I have a dentist appointment next week. A breakfast that I'm supposed to attend on the 21st. So far that's all I got.

    Good luck with all of your busy schedule.

    Tossing It Out

  3. Maybe you can get some writing done on the plane trip. (I love writing on the plane–plus, then I don't have to talk to strangers–I'm a died-in-the-wool introvert.) Good luck with NaNo, the move, and everything else!

  4. My November is not planned at all. I'm sort of doing NaNo (that is, writing as much as I can and not fretting about getting to 50k). Do things in order or highest priority and what you can't do this month worry about next month. Or in January…

  5. November looks about the same as all my months. Work, writing, some other obligations here and there. Once Thanksgiving comes, it gets a little more busy with the holidays. But I find that kind of busyness fun because I get excited for Christmas!

    Good luck with everything you've got going on!

    Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  6. What is it about November? It is that it heralds in winter and thus makes us turn our lives upside down? I just don't know, but this month has already been INSANE and we are only six days in.

  7. So busy. And I know what you mean about November. It's like the prequel to the major holiday seasons. It totally stresses me out, too. I constantly find myself going over my mental list for the remainder of the year. Drives me crazy.

  8. Hopefully you'll have time to have some fun while you're in Europe! This November I'll be working on my dissertation, as usual. My life basically revolves around this scholarly “book” that 99.9% of the population will never read, sighhhh….

  9. Hey Misha,

    I never forget IWSG. After all, it's “I Was Seeking Gary.” A day that flatters me beyond any suitable adjectives. Yes, I jest. Delusion is over.

    You are having a busy November. I hope if you make it to Europe, you do fly on the blogger's favourite airline, “Blog Air.”

    My November schedule is still discreetly promoting others with little fanfare. It makes me feel good.

    Gary 🙂

  10. LOL, I've decided to take a blog break for Nov and Dec and try to get some half finished projects completed. perhaps I'll have one or two short stories to submit by the end of the year.

    Good luck keeping up with your schedule Misha. Happy holidays.


  11. Yeah I totally forgot IWSG on the actual day… but by Wednesday you're already too busy thinking about Friday 😉 I don't envy your November, good luck with revisions.

  12. Wow you're busy! I am working to edit the last three chapters of my paranormal fantasy novel. Then I can work on incorporating feedback from beta readers. Doesn't seem too bad until I think about the fact that the release date is December 16!! I hope I can get it all done!

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