November is…

Hey all, first things first, I’m visiting Angeline today to talk about how perfectionism railroaded my efforts at finishing a book.

So… Just when I thought November can’t be more hectic…

This month is NaNo, me marketing TVK, me packing up house to move and as of today, me editing TVK’s sequel.

I guess I could have asked to start later, but then I realized that 1) I’m moving in December, 2) I’m settling in in December, which means that 3) I’ll probably be settled in time for Christmas and 4) that means I’d only be able to do serious edits by January.

So if I want to get revisions done, it has to get done now. I think it can work, though. With this round, revisions will mainly be writing in information, so basically I’ll be drafting chapters. Which for the sake of NaNo, I’ll be counting towards the final score. Only daily word additions qualify, though, to keep things honest.

But yeah… I think this might be my most difficult NaNo year yet…


12 thoughts on “November is…

  1. Good luck. I've wimped out of NaNo. I did it last year, but I think for me once is enough. I'm far too slow a writer to do it – I wrote a lot of rubbish to hit 50k. I'm impressed by people who do it every year.

  2. I agree with Alex: grab the edit time while it is available. NaNo to me teaches quantity over quality. What use is a novel in a month if it is sub-standard and has to be torn down to Chapter One due to its flaws?

    Best of luck with your new novel. And thanks for such a nice comment on my blog!

  3. Yikes, Misha, this does sound like a crazy month! I keep being impressed by how you seem to be handling it, and managing it. I agree with Alex and Roland – go for the revisions! Way more important to have a GREAT draft than to meet that 50k goal.

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