IWSG and Novel Films Blogfest II

Hey all, welcome to another round of IWSG. First of all, I want to thank Alex J. Cavanaugh for putting together such a great group where we can share our insecurities without judgement and encourage others who are worse off than us. Thank you for a great two years.

If you haven’t yet, and want to join, please go here.

So, for once, I’m not particularly insecure about anything.

Instead, since this is the two year anniversary, I thought I’d turn it around and post 10 messages of encouragement. I hope you’ll find one that fits you.

1) Any novel is a scary prospect in the beginning. Keep going. You’ll regret it if you don’t.

2) Word for word. That’s how a novel is finished.

3) Reading is a valid way to spend writing time if you’re too tired to write.

4) Inspiration comes from life, so don’t resent it when life comes knocking at your office door.

5) Never let rejections get you down. You only need to find the right person. You might also want to look to yourself, or to indie publishers if you’re stuck with agents.

6) No matter what people say, you’re a writer when you write. So never stop because someone doubted your writer status.

7) On that subject, there are idiots out there who will try to get you down. Laugh at them and go on. Odds are, they’re trying to hurt you because they’re living empty, meaningless lives.

8) Writing is your legacy. Don’t waste it by publishing too early because you’re dang tired of editing.

9) Editing sucks, but to see the finished project is awesome. Let that be your reward. An amazing finished manuscript.

10) No unfinished novel is a failure. It’s a lesson. The difference between a writer with a shelved novel and a failed writer is that the latter gave up on writing altogether.

Anyone else have words of encouragement?

Now, on to the final post on the Novel Films Blogfest

Today’s Questions: Have you read any novels where you have yet to see the films/ TV adaptations?

I probably read a few, since I’m a voracious reader. But the one that matters most to me is this one, because the movie still needs to be released. 

Which book adaptions are you looking forward to? 


40 thoughts on “IWSG and Novel Films Blogfest II

  1. Has there been a movie of Neverwhere? I'd like to see that. Windup Girl would be interesting, too. And I think The Backworlds would be mega awesome. 😀

  2. Yo Misha!

    Y'all make some good points And number six my human has mentioned on a number of occasions. Actually, we just do what we wanna' do. No pressure and it all falls into place.

    My human is thrilled that so many are involved in the “I Was Seeking Gary” and gosh, it's two years old!

    Yo 🙂

    Stay chillin',

    Snoop Bloggy Dog in da Gangsta's Pawadise!

  3. I need to print that list out and tape it to my computer screen.

    Also, I have not read Ender's game, but I am excited for the movie. I wonder if I should read it before I see it.

  4. Great reminders, Misha. Thanks.

    I read The Descendants and have it ordered from Netflix but haven't watched it yet. The book was good, but kind of weird and I'm wondering how the movie adaptation will be. Except it has George Clooney in it, so honestly, plot is secondary. 😉

  5. Thanks for the words of encouragement. #7 speaks to me, even beyond my writing life.

    My words of encouragement for today would be “It's okay to recharge and take a break every now and then.”

  6. What a great list of points. It's totally true that there will be those who doubt us but often the biggest doubter is ourselves – we have to overcome that and let the story lead the way.

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