I’m Co-Hosting the Novel Films II Blogfest

Some of you might remember the Novel Films blogfest from last year. I do because it was fun and interesting to see who liked which movie adaptions and why.

So when Madeleine posted she needed help, I stepped in. Late on Friday. Which is why I’m only posting this now.

Anyway, the entries are still open, so I’d be thrilled if you joined. Here’s how it works:

Like last time, it will be aΒ three day festΒ and on each day there will be something different:However, you can choose to post on just one day if you prefer.


Paying Forward and IWSG

Nominations for the Paying Forward Awards will close on Friday, so please get your nominations in if you haven’t yet.

And for you astute people who noticed that the blogfest coincides with IWSG, I will be doing both bloghops on Wednesday.

Anyone in for the Novel Films II Blogfest?

Also, happy Labor Day to all my US friends. πŸ™‚


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