A Thank You, An Announcement and a $50 Prize Voucher

Hey all! I’m so seriously excited. Not only did I hit 1000 GFC follows, but I got the go ahead to make an announcement I’ve been dying to share.

Sadly, no official release date yet and no cover. Instead, I can announce that Doorways will be published under a better, more epic sounding name.

But as a show of my gratitude and because I’m just a tad evil, I decided I’m going to make you guys work for the title. I’m going to give you spaces, and you need to guess the letters. I’ll fill in the correct letters one at a time. So if there’s a repeat letter, I’m not slotting it in again before someone guesses the letter a second time. Only one guess per person and one letter per guess, please!

Once all the letters are filled in, I’ll enter all the people who guessed (whether they guessed right or wrong) into a draw and the winner will get a $50 Amazon voucher.

Please please please spread the word! The more the merrier, right?

Okay. Here are the spaces:Ā 

The War of Six Crowns: The Vanished Knight

Get guessing!

But before I go, I just want to say thank you. Your advice and support have meant so much to me. It has been an honor to get to know you.Ā 

134 thoughts on “A Thank You, An Announcement and a $50 Prize Voucher

  1. P.S. enjoyed visiting your blog! Shared the article on what makes a real writer on my Facebook author page: Christine Campbell, Author, WriteWhereYouAre
    Will visit again. Thanks.

  2. Uh-oh…looks like from the comments I am not seeing all of the filled in letters…just 3…was going to guess x, but that has been done….eeeeeeek!

  3. I'm going to guess an “R” (again). There's gotta be another one.

    This is really fun, Misha – great way to introduce your book title. Congratulations on over 1000! That's amazing. I'm in awe.

    Have a great Friday and weekend.

  4. So excited for ya and 1000 followers is awesome! I'm going to jot down the letters that have been already used and see what I can come up with. Can't wait to hear the title…. (:

  5. Hooray for you Misha. Is that $7500 US dollars? I hope you get it, and soon.
    It was so nice to hear from you recently. I feel that your star is rising and I am happy for you.
    I was hoping to hear you sing, or did I miss it, I hope not. I know you are very busy with several things going on.
    Best wishes and fight those demons.

  6. Yeah, but the decision to change it was actually mine. Reason was twofold: 1) The name no longer fit the story as perfectly as before and 2) It didn't suit the series title I picked and loved.

    And nope, all the A's are in.

  7. Yes I'm hoping to earn in USD. šŸ™‚

    As for my singing, I'm still trying to control my voice, so I'm not really close to being good enough to put something like me singing on the internet just yet. I'm starting to get there, though, so fingers crossed.

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