Standing Behind David and Michael

I’m not going to say much today. Just that I read this today.

For those of you wondering what that link is for: It leads to a website for a book I was seriously looking forward to.

See… I read the query for that book during last year’s WriteOnCon. And of ALL the books’ queries I critiqued (and I saw quite a few), Woven was the one I most wished would get a deal.

And it had. Except the publisher withdrew it. Because one of its authors, Michael insisted his bio be treated the same as David. Even though Michael is gay.

Now. I’m not going to discuss sexuality and the rights and wrongs of who goes with who. (Not really my business.) But I will say this.

Acting like anyone is somehow less than someone else because he’s different is wrong.

A human is a human.

The equality of man is supposed to be considered self-evident. I stand by that belief.

And as such, I will not ever do business with that publishing house. In fact, I’ll even think twice before even buying anything they publish. Maybe some of you will think this is extreme of me, but I live in a country that still carries the scars from having had people see others as less than them.

Inequality and discrimination does untold damage. Far beyond what those inflicting it can imagine. And I refuse to stand by and support it. In any form.

23 thoughts on “Standing Behind David and Michael

  1. Someone else posted her awful experience with this publisher after hearing David's news and I'm stunned they are still in business. What the president said to Michael was horrible. You don't treat another person like that.

  2. I read about the problems David is having with his publisher on David's FB page, but I did not know the reason about it. Discrimination does untold damage and should be avoided as far as possible.

  3. this is such a sad situation I feel so much for these two men who were so close to their dream just to have this get in the way. I'm sure it will work out for them. I'm sure they'll find a home somewhere, but it's crazy.

  4. This was a difficult one for me. I can see both perspectives–the publisher who maintains certain business relations and worries about the future, and the author-duo who have worked so hard, earned their dream, and then had the rug pulled out from under them. It's just a no-win situation. =(

  5. I couldn't believe this when I read about it this morning, nobody should be judged on who they love. All this because of one sentence in a bio – it's ridiculous.

  6. I wouldn't ever do business with this publisher or anyone associated with them either. In 50 years, the homophobes of today will look as silly and bigoted as segregationists from the 1950s now do. I hope the book goes on to find success elsewhere.

  7. I read the article, and it's sad that there are still people with outdated ideas. I also saw lots of discrimination in the south where I grew up.

    A person's choices in life shouldn't be a part of a publishing agreement. Aren't there human resources statutes that control discrimination on these sort of issues? Perhaps not in certain states, obviously. This should be reported to Writer Beware.

  8. Are you serious? That breaks my heart.

    We should set up a petition to the publisher to let them know that their books will be off our lists if they discriminate. I'm going to stay away from that publisher.

  9. Beliefs and politics aren't the issue, the publisher acted unprofessionally. If they have a policy about these things, it needs to be sated up front–not suddenly tossed about at the last minute. And no one should be spoken to in that manner. Sad.

  10. Hi Misha,

    I read that article and I'm still in a state of shock, of outrage. Intolerance and ignorance through a close-mind, is unacceptable. A very worrying state of affairs.


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